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  • Productivity Boosting Office Furnishing by Psychology

    In our most recent article, we talked about a large number of scientific studies that had found significant links between office environment and furnishings and the productivity, stress levels, and job satisfaction, of the staff...

  • Studies Show False Economy of Cheap Office Furniture

    There has been increasing attention in research towards how the work environment affects productivity, health, creativity, and stress.  Each study has found that office furniture, space, and comfort all have a direct bearing on productivity. ...

  • How to Furnish Your Office on a Budget

    Unfortunately, not many of us have the budget of Google’s headquarters, which means we’re going to have to make some cuts in regards to the slides, napping pods, on-site gyms and even the rooftop allotment. But it's not all is bad! Putting that thought of excessive luxury to the back of your head, it is actually really easy to revamp or furnish your office with the help of Rainbow Zebra. Forget a dull plain room and transform it into a space that not only generates creativity and boosts productivity, but allows your staff to work in a place that leaves them feeling good about the work they do. With the help of Rainbow Zebra, we can get you on that track. Happy workers = happy clients! Read on to discover our top tips to furnish your office without breaking the bank.

  • 7 Golden Rules of an Effective Manager

    Managers have a unique role to play with multiple and ever-evolving responsibilities. It is a role with many facets in order to support an entire team. But what exactly makes a good leader? How can you...

  • Networking Beyond Words

    The very mention of the word “networking” can strike fear in the hearts and minds of many. In fact, such social gatherings are often given a body swerve for one reason or another much to the detriment of a business. However, networking is a valued means of building relationships, sourcing new suppliers, being introduced to potential clients and increasing your revenue. Successful business networks bring like-minded people together to form leads that result in better business for everyone involved. Formal or informal, the key to success is authenticity; authentic image, authentic works, and authentic action. Here are some of our top tips to guide you on your way.


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