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  • Networking Beyond Words

    The very mention of the word “networking” can strike fear in the hearts and minds of many. In fact, such social gatherings are often given a body swerve for one reason or another much to the detriment of a business. However, networking is a valued means of building relationships, sourcing new suppliers, being introduced to potential clients and increasing your revenue. Successful business networks bring like-minded people together to form leads that result in better business for everyone involved. Formal or informal, the key to success is authenticity; authentic image, authentic works, and authentic action. Here are some of our top tips to guide you on your way.

  • The Rainbow Zebra Guide to a Successful Board Meeting

    Your boardroom is your company’s game face. Whether your meetings are internal or external, it is here where deals are done, relationships are forged, and great ideas are born. However, great ideas and successful meetings will only...

  • Searching For The Perfect Office Chair

    You may not want to sit down for this; working in an office job and/ or sitting down all day is so detrimental to your health. Sitting in the wrong position, at the wrong height or...

  • Our Tips to Organising your Desk for Great Productivity

    How many piles of paper do you have to sort through to find the document you’re looking for? Are you fighting through an assortment of knick-knacks that serve no functional purpose? If the above applies to...

  • Tips to Engaging Your Staff in the Workplace

    Do your employees lack enthusiasm and productivity? Are they taking too many sick days? Or is your staff turnover particularly high? Well, the way you act as a manger or business owner could be having a direct impact on these behaviours. According to the latest reports and trends, employee engagement is a key factor in improving all of the above and more. Have a read of our latest blog and discover exactly why and how you can ensure you are engaging with your members of staff. You’ll reap the rewards; we promise.


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