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  • How to give a dire presentation

    Hello and welcome to bad presentation techniques 101. Almost everyone has been through it and if you haven’t, then your time will be coming very soon. There’s nothing quite like attending a networking event with...

  • How to be a Boss Without Being Bossy

    Why is it that when you type in “office boss” into Google, you get many negative images of individuals acting aggressively but when you search for “office manager/leader” the pictures are more positive and friendly?...

  • ItsSnowJoke! Grab your 10% off Discount on all purchases over £100 - valid till the end of 4th March 2018.

    It's absolutely "snow" joke, take on the 'Beast from the East' with a snazzy little Rainbow Zebra discount on all office furniture purchased between now and Sunday. Whilst the rest of your co-workers might be...

  • How to be an Effective Problem Solver

    It's common knowledge that there are certain steps you need to take to be an effective problem solver, but what are the characteristics of one? We've explored what makes a good problem solver and listed...

  • What's The Real Cost Of A Bad Office Chair? [Infographic]

    Standing desks, early morning yoga, perhaps a session at the chiropractors? These are all things that may be considered to relieve or reduce the risk of serious backache. The fact is that British office workers spend around nine hours a day sitting down and yet still settle for second rate, cheap office chairs. Take a look at our handy infographic detailing the real cost of bad backs to the UK, with tips on what to look for when choosing the right ergonomic desk chair for you.


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