When it comes to Office Chairs you wouldn't believe what some people do - this abuse HAS to STOP!

When it comes to Office Chairs you wouldn't believe what some people do - this abuse HAS to STOP!

It's upsetting. Really upsetting.

Across the globe people are abusing their office chair's trust in them without a moment's thought... well the Rainbow Zebra is taking a stand and highlighting some of the very worst abuse cases!

Plans to throw office chairs out

It's a matter of educating the folk at the very top of the business world, office chairs have little chance when even the corporate giants of industry take immense delight in throwing them out!

Worn Office Chair

A little wear, a little tear - that's how this abuse all begins...

Office Chair Stunt gone wrong

Next, the office chair will take the blame for any failure, it's never their owner...

Office Chair Facing the Wall Neglect

As punishment the chair is made to face the wall. Nothing too substantial, nothing the office chair thinks it can't handle...

Dumped office chair in corridor

As time goes on the office chair is sent out to wait it's fate in a lonely empty corridor... left there to just fade away...

Office Chair Outside

It comes as no surprise then that these old forgotten office chairs are consigned outside offices, suffering silently in the cold, the previous owners having conveniently forgotten of their tremendous (back and leg) support that they'd given them over the years...

Office Chair Dumped Outside in the snow

A few office chairs do get lucky and make a new friend, but it never lasts, well, not like it used to...

Its not just office chairs, its reception chairs too that are dumped

Its not just office chairs at risk, reception chairs fare little better at the hands of their owners...

Recycled Office Chair

Some office chairs owners do take a little responsibility and dump them at the nearest recycling centre in the hope someone might take pity... but in our fast paced world there's little hope...

Office Chair under bridge

We'd love to think many chairs are "lucky" enough to end their days somewhere dry and sheltered...

Office Chair Target

... but in reality they're commonly targeted by vandals, shoved around & worse, even spat on...

Office Chair with a view

This classic manager chair was promised a quiet retirement to a lakeside retreat...

Manager's chair dumped due to damage

... instead he ended up here... broken, alone...

Flood damaged office chair

His good buddy from accounts got the lakeside view he was promised but it wasn't anything like he could have imagined...

Office chairs fighting back

Unsurprisingly office chairs are fighting back against this abuse...

Office Chair at the beach

... so would it really hurt you to help them end their days somewhere nice?

Here's some more ideas on how to help your office chair respectfully get through those painful last days... no chair should ever face such abuse...

Showing the office chair some love...

Show them some love on a regular basis. Talk to them in soft hushed tones, let them know you're there for them.

Pair of office chairs keeping each other company

Let them spend time with another office chair to relive their good old days, go on they deserve it.

Office chairs meeting

If you've a bigger heart (and we know dear reader that you do) let them huddle together in groups, we guarantee you'll feel the love in the room... :D

Office Chair for small rooms

Give them the respect they need, let them have their own space - nothing too big & not too shabby is all you need to keep your old office chair content and happy - just note they don't do stairs... so if its a first floor make sure there's a lift for nice, easy access.

Isolated, lonely office chair

But whatever you do, don't leave an elderly work chair outside like this, it's abuse. Instead give them a decent send off and retirement and talk to us about a nice, shiny new office chair instead. :D

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Posted by Paul Randall
1st May 2014