Keep up the Festivity in the Office

Keep up the Festivity in the Office

Were you a Christmas Elf or Office Grinch?

It isn’t too late to get the whole office involved in some festive fun with a week still to go – even those office scrooges! Need some inspiration? Check out some of our ideas below on what you still have time to do:

Mid-day Hot Chocolate Break

A more unusual hot drink for the office... treat your staff to a luxury festive hot chocolate to not only show them how valued they are as team members but to also better break up their day and boost team morale.

Don’t forget all the special trimmings of marshmallows and whipped cream to make it extra indulgent and festive. If you’ve got a bigger budget you can take it to the next level with gingerbread men and mince pies.

Christmas Jumper Day

Hold your own Christmas jumper day to give your team a proper chance to show off their festive jumpers this year. This opens up the opportunity to hold competitions like the ugliest jumper, or even best jumper.

To make it even better, ask your staff for a small optional donation to charity for being able to wear their Christmas Jumper to work and give back to an organisation of your choice.

Bring in Your Board Games

A classic Christmas tradition in many households across the UK is playing a board game on Christmas Day. Encourage your staff to bring in a board game to play with their colleagues in their break. Not only is this bringing a bit of healthy competition into the office but it is also encouraging your colleagues to communicate and play with each other giving them the proper break from their screens that they need.

To take it to the next level, create an office league table. The winner can get a small prize like leaving ten minutes early or getting or not having to do the tea round for the rest of the day.

How Have You Celebrated in the Office?

We’d love to know how you’ve celebrated in your office! Share your stories or send us your Christmas office photo’s on our Facebook page and we’ll share our favourites.

If you’re looking to give your office a refresh for the new year, get in touch with a member of our team on 0800 092 1985 or visit our website to see what we have available to you.

Posted by Paul Randall
13th December 2017