Our Essential Guide to Halloween


Yes, it’s that time of year again Ladies and Gents: Halloween.

Legend says that 31st October is the one time of year when the distance between spiritual and physical worlds close in. The earliest traditions date way back to the 10th Century Gaelic festival, Samhain, where people would dress in costume to scare off ghosts who have seemingly passed into our world.

But today, it is the one night of year when it is socially acceptable to dress in all manners of costume, pretend to be someone you are not, extort people for sweets and attend yet another party.

This month, with the help of Flingers party professionals we have put together our essential guide to Halloween in 2014.

Halloween Trends

With over 6,000 products online and in store, it seems that Flinger is Bristol’s one stop shop for all your fancy dress costumes, party decorations & accessories as well as balloon sculpture services. Is it any wonder we have asked for their expert opinion?

Just as styles come and go in fashion, we are advised that Halloween is also subject to the latest trends. Flingers have found that these trends rely just as heavily on the latest cinema hits as it does on what people consider fashionable.

This year it seems that the ‘Day of the Dead’ is increasingly popular. The Mexican celebration may seem loud, colourful and a little macabre but apparently people are opting to incorporate flowers and patterned skulls in to their Halloween celebration parties.

Why not try this Day of the Dead costume complete with a black jacket, mock skeleton shirt, hat and gloves? Or this skeleton inspired tube dress? Just add a touch of sugar skull inspired face paint to complete the ‘Dia de Los Muertos’ costume.

day of the dead - manday of the dead - woman

Don’t be scared off by the cost of Halloween.

Throwing a Halloween party and creating a costume to impress doesn’t have to cost the earth. On average customers at Flingers spend between £30-£50 each buying anything from a full costume, party decorations or simply a few accessories.

This October Flingers best sellers start from as little as £2.29 – you can get your hands on their fake blood for the same price. You can also channel your inner vampire with a pair of bat wings (£7.99); get creative with the Snazaroo Halloween face painting kit (£12.99); shock your friends with Zombie effect or UV white contact lenses (£10.99) and our favourite: create the gruesome illusion that you can zip open your face & expose raw flesh with the zip face scar (£2.99).

bat wingszombie contact lensezip face

Get FREE professional Halloween make up

Don’t stop at just a costume when you can dress yourselves up in gruesome make up and horrific wounds.

We’ve already mentioned the shocking zipper face make up, but there are a handful of alternative kits depicting varying wounds such as the adhesive latex burn scar wound (£5.39) and a fake scar with dodgy stitches (£2.99).

gory woundsburn scarstitches scar

According to the staff at Flingers one of their best-selling, and most realistic make up kits is the barbed wire split scar(£2.69) which looks as though your neck has been horrifically cut open in a tragic horror film like accident. Alternatively another big seller this year has been the simple gory wounds, with 12 designs to create cuts, gashes and abrasions ideal for a number of desired costumes (£1.69).

Don’t miss out on the chance to indulge in Free Professional Halloween Face Painting on 31st October and 1st November. There is no need to purchase anything as they’ll be a pro face painter on hand with make-up and special effects all day. All you have to do is turn up!

Don’t be disappointed...

Costumes and accessories sell fast so avoid disappointment and the embarrassment of awful Halloween costumes (we’ve all ended up with a black plastic bin bag for a cape!) and start looking now.

The staff at Flingers have already decided on their outfits; think Disney style Queen of Hearts, the Grim Reaper, the 3 Witches and Day of the Dead inspired skeleton costumes.

Here at Rainbow Zebra, we’re still debating what we can do to win that best dressed headless skeleton award at our works Halloween get-together, but one thing for sure is that we won’t be leaving it to the last minute.

So whether you fancy dressing up your office desk in a gory style or throwing a spooktacular (sorry!) Halloween party check out Flingers.

Posted by Paul Randall
21st November 2014