Funny Advertising Billboard Campaigns and Signs!

At Rainbow Zebra we understand that everyday many of you spend a lengthy amount of time behind the wheel of your car; whether it’s a long commute to work or you’re driving to and from client meetings. Let’s face it, it can get pretty dull.

Here’s a question.

How often do you pay attention to the numerous billboards and advertising campaigns you see along your journey?

You’ve probably blanked them out completely by now. But you could save yourself from boredom by paying just a bit more attention (although we encourage you to pay attention to the road too!).

Here’s a list of some of our favourite billboards and road signs – a few masterfully succeed with whimsical genius and others just fail so successfully.

Poor Steven, bet he didn’t see this one coming.

Or did he?

This billboard created huge interest after it was snapped up in Manhattan, New York City, but it was quickly discovered that others existed in Brooklyn, Los Angeles and Chicago too.

Turns out that this was not in fact the scorned revenge of a cheated wife, but a clever marketing scheme employed by US TV channel, Court TV, advertising their latest reality surveillance show.

Don’t Text and Drive

A valid point is being made here.

The advertisers are right to suggest that texting & driving is dangerous and paying attention to your phone instead of the road can kill.

However, they lose any sense of intelligence when suggesting that you text ‘SAFETY to 79191’ for more more driving tips.

Erm, where’s the logic in that?

Drive Safely

No, it’s not exactly subtle.

Yes, it did cause a number of complaints.

But, we think that the South Australian Motor Accident Commission’s plea for safer driving is pretty effective – and this isn’t the only one; MAC have created a series of clever word-play ads in a bid for safer driving.

Subway Knows How To Get Your Attention

Let’s face it; sex sells.

And so does food.

This Subway ad cunningly grabs your attention before pointing you in the direction of a delicious foot long sandwich.

Have You Got Your Mobile Handy?

If you’re ever driving along these deserted South African roads make sure you take a survival kit.

Either make sure your mobile is charged and in your pocket, or bring plenty of water ‘cos its going to be a long treacherous walk to the closest help point.

Go Ahead, Drink and Drive

We love this.

What a great anti-drunk diriving campaign (at least we hope that’s what it is).

Unless you really are in need of a hospital, because we doubt there’s really one just off to the left.

BMW Versus Audi Ad Campaign


Perhaps one of the greatest advertising wars, ever.

As two leading German car manufacturers the world over, Audi and BMW are known for their intense rivalry.

Their advertising feud all started with the above ad from Audi.

A few days later they replaced the billboard with a similar one, which this time challenged their rivals by stating, ‘Your Move BMW’.

BMW responded with a much larger billboard just across the street:

After much Photoshop intervention from their respective fans, Audi finally replied with this showstopper, resulting in BMW removing itsad and ending their little warfare.

The Walking Dead

This unfortunate juxtaposition caused quite a stir amongst residents in Consett, County Durham.

The roadside advert for the Channel 5 post-apocalyptic drama had been placed on the side wall of a funeral home.

Whilst the mistake is somewhat amusing, Clear Channel, the company responsible for the billboard, later replaced the ad with something a little less insensitive.

David Nelson Jewellery

This certainly made us smile.

The ads not only funny but very clever too, and definitely memorable

Of course, you should never throw rocks at girls let alone anyone, but in this context we understand the hilarity of ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’.

Useless Sign Posts

They’ve kept us entertained on many a long car journey and this useless road sign is no exception.

There are really no words to describe how stupid this sign is.

So next time you’re heading down the motorway, or nipping round city centres on your way to work, keep your eyes peeled for some classic entertainment, take a photo and let us know!

Posted by Paul Randall
2nd November 2014