Let Us Show You What Your Money Can Buy At Rainbow Zebra

As our TV screens and social media channels are filled with John Lewis and Sainsbury’s advertising, it seems that Christmas as crept upon rather quickly this year. So as we begin to move into the season of giving don’t forget to treat your employees too.

You may even be surprised by the fantastic value we offer here at Rainbow Zebra. In fact we’d like to show you exactly what your money can buy you when you shop with us in comparison to a few other purchases.

Ditch Foie Gras for a new office

Fancy taking someone special out for a romantic meal?

Well, for the same price as a meal for two at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay (good luck getting a reservation) you could gift your favourite employee with a brand new desk and upgraded chair.

A three course meal at the French style restaurant, which apparently boasts 3 Michelin stars, will set you back £135 per person; that’s not including drinks! In our opinion the Pizza Express down the road is just as good – the food’s pretty delicious, and it won’t break the bank.

Instead why not take a look at our CORE Crescent Desk?

This ergonomic desk, which is just £125, comes in a range of sizes to suit your exact CORE Crescent Ergonomic Deskrequirements – you can even adjust the height to suit you.

The panel ended frame and metal to metal fixings are available in either a left or right handed curve. The 2 cable ports avoid any tangled wires, whilst matching storage units are available to organise all your documents.


Canasta 2 LEather office chair with armsAnd of course you’ll be in need of a comfy yet stylish chair to accompany the new desk. How about this Leather Office Chair?

At only £60 plus VAT these fantastic value, leather look office chairs are ideal for your office space. So sit back, relax – but not too much, you are at work remember – and adjust the seat height to suit you.

Impress with an enviable boardroom – not a piece of jewellery

Some may say that the boardroom is the heart of every office, a space where meetings are held, ideas come together, clients entertained and business deals closed. How you create this space then, could define how your company is perceived by potential customers.

So perhaps you should rethink buying another Tag Heuer watch – after all your phones glued to your hand most of the time anyway – because for the same price (we’re looking at an average of £1,000) you could buy all your boardroom essentials.

Black Boardroom Table From Rainbow Zebra

Your table is likely to take up the large majority of the room, so you want to get it right. Which is why we supply a wide range of boardroom essentials at Rainbow Zebra. Take a look at this High Gloss Table for example; a fantastic offer at just £425.

The sleek design with smooth silver legs and a highly polish gloss top will certainly enhance the look of your space. Whether you choose a black or white version, your boardroom table is available in two sizes; one can comfortably fit 6 chairs whilst the other is ideal for larger meetings accommodating 8 people.

Echo Boardroom Leather Chair from Rainbow Zebra

Along with our extensive range of seating Rainbow Zebra also stock this Echo Boardroom Leather Chair ideal for both practicality and design when hosting both staff and clients.

An ideal pairing for the aforementioned high gloss boardroom table, the sleek design vaunts a strong cantilever frame with a unique all in one soft leather shell and padded arms. At just £75 a chair, you can’t really go wrong.

A DVD at home could buy Office Essentials

Is your office space lacking storage and other essentials? For the same price as taking a family of 4 for a Friday night cinema trip complete with popcorn and drinks, it doesn’t have to be.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t treat your family, but just remember when you hand over your card and are greeted by £55+ receipt, maybe the same price for a filing cabinet isn’t so bad.

CORE Fixed Pedestal from Rainbow Zebra

Fix all your space problems with this CORE Fixed Office Pedestal, priced at a fantastic £55. Designed to fix directly underneath your desk, the bottom drawer is ideal to accommodate all your hanging files with the extra deep design. With the choice of 2 or 3 drawers you can even desk match with a number of existing colours.

Are you fed up of hanging your coat on the back of your chair only to turn around to realise it’s a crumple mess on the floor where your colleagues have mistakenly taken it for the carpet?

Fear no more and get your hands on a coat stand like this Cluster Coat stand, for only £35, ideal for hanging your hats, scarfs, coats and umbrellas.

Make sure you employees aren’t late with this Quantum Radio Controlled Clock.

Quantum Radio Controlled Clock from Rainbow Zebra

The 12” diameter white plastic cased clock has been fitted with a shatter proof front lens and battery powered radio control movement to maintain 100% time accuracy. It even automatically updates for summer and winter time changes.

Wall mountable, the Quantum clock is currently just £55 and extremely durable fully functioning in areas of high humidity, dust and those environment where hose down procedures are required.

Just remember at Rainbow Zebra you can get a lot for your money; so don’t be a scrooge this winter and spruce up your office.

Posted by Paul Randall
28th November 2014