Avoid Chair Envy In The New Year

By now many of you would have had one too many drinks at your office Christmas party and have woken up with more than just a headache. Why did you have to try and impress everyone with your David Brent dance?

The rest of you are vowing not to replicate the antics still lingering over your head from last year. But we know as well as you that that’s not going to happen; the shots will find you.

Forced Fun With Office Games

We’ve all been there – one overly excited colleague suggests playing a number of team games, all of which sound dreadful. But actually, despite sounding like an awful idea at the beginning of the night, you soon realise they’re not too bad and that it’s okay to have fun in front of the boss.

The games usually start off relatively tame, likely encouraged by team building exercises.Competition However sooner or later the whole office indulges in a game of Two Truths and A Lie and you instantly regret sharing too much. No one needs to know what you did in Kavos last summer.

But the piece de resistance really gets the party started: Office Chair Racing.

The principle of the game is fairly self-explanatory; you race your colleagues across the office on your swivel chairs. It’s quite competitive, and far from the team building exercises you’re used to, but you feels as though these are the qualifying rounds for the Office Chair Racing Championships– years that’s an actual thing.

The Morning After

Although you don’t regret racing your colleagues around the office, it really was worth falling off a few times just to beat Bob from accounting, your office chair doesn’t quite feel the same. Your trusted seat looks as bad as you feel and you fear that the speed damage is unrepairable.

So rather than head back to the office in January to a chair worthy of the scrap yard, make sure you are the envy of the office with a brand new, possibly race resistant chair.

New Year, New Start, New Chair

friesian executive chair Treat yourself this Christmas to a brand new chair in time for the new year. Make sure you’re the envy of the office and think ahead, you’ll need some comfort after a week or so of Christmas and New Year Celebrations.

Why not take a look at this Friesian Leather Executive Chair. The contrasting black and white panels on the seat create a unique and distinctive look sure to catch the attention of your colleagues. The chair provides that extra comfort with well-padded seat and arm rests with soft touch PU leather.vegas Mesh Back Chair

Alternatively The Vegas Mesh Back Chair provides you with adjustable lumbar support and a 2 stage levered locking mechanism: so forget any back problems in 2015. Not only does the chair provide you with excellent support but it is an attractive fusion of black leather and mesh with chrome detailing.

Or you could invest in an ergonomic chair to rid yourself of any back, neck and general posture problems in the new year.

Check out this Wave Mesh Orthopedic Chair with specific ergonomic features including fully adjustable ratchet back with lumbar support, as well as height adjustable arms.

Goodbye to 2014

As we write our last blog post of the year we would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We’ll see you in January with your brand new chairs ready for the next round of races.

Posted by Paul Randall
19th December 2014