Show your Office some Love this Valentine’s Day

Show your Office some Love this Valentine’s Day

Do you find yourself looking at the office and thinking about the future? Is it about time you treat your office with some brand new gifts to freshen things up?

Much like you would a house or a car, you need to give your office some love and affection every now and then to make sure things stay up to scratch and in working order.

This could be anything from a total office revamp to adding little bits of colour and new furniture here and there to really spruce up the atmosphere and keep things up to date. Read on to find out how you can show your office some TLC this Valentine’s Day.

Understand Your Office and its Needs

There are basic needs for your office which need to be met and you need to play to the personality of your team. Are you trying to encourage creativity or would you like a sense of calmness to fill the office? Is personal space a big deal in your area of work or are you trying to help your team collaborate and work together?

You need to understand your office before you can revamp. Take a look at these different colour ideas and see which one fits you and your business best:

White – sometimes this trend is overruled as boring but we think different. It’s important to appreciate the crispness and clarity that a white office brings to employees. As long as it’s used alongside other colours, a white office can make a bold statement.

The best way to introduce white statement pieces into the office without overpowering the room is through white office furniture. Take a look at our collection!

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Blue – what can’t this colour do? It is associated most commonly with stability and reliability but there are also studies that prove that it boosts relaxation and intellectual thought amongst your employees.

If one of your company’s core values is trust, this is definitely a colour to consider.

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Red – this is not a colour to be overused. However, used in moderation, the vibrant colour can bring a pop of colour to the room.

Red is known to raise mental energy flow and get your blood flowing. Use this colour for a statement chair or wall decoration to highlight specific aesthetically pleasing areas of work like reception areas or staff rooms.

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Don’t burden your office

Cluttering up your office is the best way to make your workspace seem not only untidy and less inviting, but it will also de-motivate your employees and potentially put GDPR at risk if the documents lying around contain customer information.

Shelving, racking, cupboards and filing cabinets are the best ways to keep your office neat and in order without compromising accessibility by taking the documents or stationary offsite.

Or if one of your goals is to make your office greener then become a paper-free office by scanning all of your documents onto a backed up computer and shredding the originals. This completely eliminates the need for a big filling cabinet making your office even more spacious.

Sitting with the white office theme, here we have a lockable pedestal with three draws of different sizes to conveniently fit the items that don’t need to be out on the show with added security overnight. Follow the link to see our full range of storage furniture.

How About a Gift?

Flowers – the classic Valentine’s gift that’s fit for anyone and everyone.

There are hundreds of studies that prove bringing the outdoors into the office has a whole host of benefits including improved air quality, productivity, reduced stress and visual benefits.

It has been proven that with a ratio of one plant to every 3 office employees, C02 can be reduced by 50% as well as a reduction in dust, mould and bacteria which would otherwise be inhaled by employees.

Watering flowers, taking into account office allergies and working with everyone’s preferences can be difficult to maintain so why not bring in a range of real and artificial flowers and greenery? This will still carry most of the benefits of real ones and will most definitely last a lot longer.

Treat Your Office this Valentine’s Day

If you’re looking to spruce up your office before the financial year is up, we have a full range of office furniture with free next day delivery from ergonomic chairs, to secure storage, to furniture fit for all rooms.

To find out more, visit our website where you can browse and purchase online or give us a call on 0800 092 1985 where a member of our team will be more than happy to assist you.

Posted by Paul Randall
22nd January 2018