10 Ways to Ensure Great Customer Service


There are certain skills that every employee must master in their chosen profession; and Customer Service is Key to Successful Businessexcellent customer service is always at the top of the list. Serving customers correctly is integral to any successful business and without considered application can seriously affect your company’s performance jeopardising existing and new customers.

Meeting customer expectations often comes down to consistency; checking in with your customers and making sure they are happy with not only the products and service on offer but the process of purchasing, ordering and working with you. Fortunately there a few pointers you can learn from and help drastically improve your interactions:


  1. Know Your Product/Service

In order to provide invaluable help to your customers you need to know what you are selling. We mean, really know it, inside and out. It might be a good idea to think about the most commonly asked questions clients tend to ask and ensure that you articulately know how to answer.

  1. Patience

Okay, so on occasions this can be a little tricky. But if customers reach out in support, when they are dazed and confused, it is the ideal opportunity to interact and better understand their problems and needs from the company. Additionally try and keep your calm when talking to disgruntled customers, however difficult, as ultimately they’ll feel much more respected.

  1. Be Honest

Honesty and transparency with your customers proves that you truly care about their happiness and satisfaction. Even if the message you are sharing isn’t necessarily a positive one, customers will undoubtedly respect your honesty with them.

  1. Train Your Staff

As an employer it is essential that you train up your staff and make sure that they all, and not just customer service representatives, understand the way they should talk to, interact and problem solve with customers.

  1. Confidence & Clear Communication

Ensure that you sound confident in your conversation whether over the phone or in person and you’ll find that convincing customers is much easier. Additionally you’ll want to convey exactly what you mean. You don’t want your customer thinking he’s getting one thing when in fact you’re under the illusion he’s getting another.

  1. Say Thank You

Remember what your mother taught you? Manners go a long way.

A key aspect of your customer journey is loyalty and saying thank you simply sets the tone for your relationship. Think about it, thank you really means “we appreciate your business and it won’t be taken for granted”.

This is particularly important for telephone communication when what you say is your only form of interaction. How you answer your phone says a lot about your business too, so make sure you get it right.

  1. Respond Quickly

There is nothing more irritating than being put on hold for what seems like hours and waiting days for email correspondence. When it comes to customer service speed is a big factor; especially when a client is requesting something that is time sensitive.

  1. Go That Extra Mile

Going that extra mile can really impress both new and existing customers. We found a fantastic example of customer service from Sainsbury’s. A 3 year old little girl wrote to the supermarket chain questioning why in fact Tiger Bread is called Tiger Bread. She suggested that instead it should be named Giraffe Bread.

Surprisingly the chains customer service team wrote back exclaiming that her letter raised an excellent point and that the bread looks much more like the blotches on a giraffe than the stripes of a tiger. After the girl’s mother posted the response online, which went viral, Sainsbury’s responded to popular demand and renamed their product Giraffe Bread.

  1. Learn From Feedback

You might be surprised at what you can learn from customer feedback. Use surveys, feedback forms and questionnaires to find out what they think of your business, products and services. Try and make it common practice to ask customers first-hand for feedback when they are completing their orders. Don’t forget that while you don’t want to see much of it, negative feedback can be just as helpful as positive.

  1. A Customer is for Life…

Above all endeavour to keep your customers happy and in turn they will be loyal to you too. Think of the process as a long term solution as clients continue to recommend you to others.

Ensuring Excellent Customer Care

Taking care of your customers, new and existing, will encourage them to continue buying from your business. It is therefore key to the success of your business to promote the importance of excellent customer service to all members of the workplace.

Posted by Paul Randall
26th May 2015