How to Build an Office Chair in Under 10 Minutes

How to Build an Office Chair in Under 10 Minutes


At Rainbow Zebra we believe that assembling your office furniture shouldn’t be an eventful task but simply a 10 minute coffee break from that gruelling report. Follow our simple instructions and you’ll be seated in your fantastic new chair before you know it.


Why Choose a Rainbow Zebra Office Chair?

Your office chair can have a huge impact on your daily office experience and the ways in which you are able to work. If you’re comfortable you’re likely to power through your to-do list; if you’re slouching and cowering in pain you’re less likely to be productive.

Your office chair should encourage your posture to support your neck and back to rid you of aches and pains. An ergonomic chair for example is a fantastic means of daily support due to its specific design to improve your posture and avoid achy muscles and daily twinges.

At Rainbow Zebra we ensure that our customers have the best possible experience when buying office seating, whether you’re searching for an ergonomic, orthopaedic, or a standard office chair. We know that it can be a tedious process which is why we ensure that you always get the best possible prices. And cheap prices certainly doesn’t mean cheap quality when it comes to Rainbow Zebra products. In fact all our products come with at least a 2 year guarantee, a 5 year guarantee, or in some cases a 25 year guarantee. Oh and let’s not forget that no matter how small your order, delivery is always FREE.

Begin, obviously, by opening the boxes and laying out all the parts. Check against your included paper instructions that everything is as it should be.

Find the 5 star base and push the wheels into place. You’ll then need to place the plastic modesty cover over the gas lift and insert into the centre of the base.

Secure the mechanism to the bottom of the chair and place the screws into the respective holes before tightening with the supplied Allen key. It is sometimes the case that our chairs already have this mechanism attached; if that’s the situation for you then ignore this step and move on.

Slide the metal securing plank into the back of the chair and screw into place before adding the safety cover. The seat of the chair can then be placed onto the gas lift. Ensure that you add pressure to the mechanism to guarantee it is engaged. You can now slot the chair back into the seat and screw into place.

Finally, you should slide the arm rests into the seat of the chair and use the armrest screws to keep it in place. And VOILA, there you have it; a Rainbow Zebra chair assembled in under 10 minutes.

More Help and Information

If you’re looking for a brand new office chair or, despite our fantastic video, still having trouble with construction give our team a call on 0800 092 1985.

Posted by Paul Randall
24th July 2015