Office Plants: Flourish in the Workplace

Office Plants: Flourish in the Workplace

Do you watch your employees’ productivity and enthusiasm plummet throughout the day? Rather than simply telling them to get on with it you should ensure that the workplace culture encourages their engagement.

Rather than focusing on your bottom line or the next business milestone, remember that your employees are your greatest asset assisting you move from strength to strength. One way you could do this, along with a host of productivity tips to engage your employees, is to ensure that the office is filled with greenery in the form of indoor plants.


A Rise in Garden Offices

According to the University of Cardiff who recently completed a report in The Journal of Experimental Psychology, office plants can increase employee output by approximately 15%.

In support of these findings, there has been a growing trend between working around nature and employee satisfaction, particularly with the increase in garden offices. Challenging the way people look at the traditional workplace environment it seems that the design of these garden offices could signal the future of remote working.

And we’re not just talking about converted sheds at the bottom of your garden; Hoxton Square is home to the TREExOFFICE, an outdoor office-space nestled away in a London Park. Designed by Australian architect Natalie Jeremijenko to stand on stilts surrounding a large tree, the office is complete with Wi-Fi and a power supply.

What Are The Benefits of Office Plants?

Apparently a green office communicates to its employees that their employer caress about them and their welfare. This form of office landscaping helps the workplace become a more enjoyable, comfortable, and profitable place to be. How, we hear you ask? We’ll explain below:

Visual Benefits

A selection of rich shades of green in the workplace has been proven to be visually meditative, leading to happier and healthier employees who are more productive. They are great for smaller offices where the addition of plants or flowers visually enhance the perception of space.

Air Quality

Placing plants in the office significantly improves the quality of air as the foliage is able to absorb pollutants and dust particles. We read that Kenneth Freeman, the Head of Innovation at Ambius, believes that smaller offices are more at risk of the “afternoon slump” (2.16pm to be exact). The reason is due to a rise in carbon dioxide (CO2) levels throughout the day, where humans are the primary source.

Typical outdoor concentrations are around 380ppm (parts per million) but this can increase to several thousand indoors. However, these levels are not dangerous to our health but can certainly have an impact on concentration. Plants can therefore not only clean the air but stabilise the humidity levels too.

Reduce Stress

Studies have indicated that indoor plants can reduce stress levels in work environments. According to Washington State researchers who conducted an experiment questioning this theory, participant’s blood pressure levels were lower when plants were present in the office space.

Reduces Noise Levels

Plants are often used along roadways and residential areas to reduce noise pollution, and the concept is no different when indoors. Office plants can change the rooms acoustics by reducing reverberation time therefore absorbing noises which are distracting to employee productivity.

Avoid Dying Plants With Artificial Alternatives

If you’re a little forgetful and likely to not water your office plants it is probably a good idea to substitute the real deal for an artificial alternative. Whilst the air quality might not be improved by the extra foliage, this issue can be overcome with air conditioning, a likely feature in offices up and down the country.

And not having to worry about killing your plants isn’t the only benefit;

  • You can achieve the same desired look and effect with unlimited colour and style potential.
  • The upkeep is far less challenging – particularly for those missing a green thumb – as well as significantly less expensive.
  • If your office is dark with little natural sunlight, the real deal won’t thrive.
  • You can pick and choose from your favourite flowers without having to worrying about climate requirements.
  • Artificial plants won’t cause allergic reactions, so you won’t have to deal with sniffling, eye-weeping staff.

For more information on artificial plants for your office then check out - there’s a huge range to check out (including trees!)

Rethink Your Workplace Culture

A simple rethink can help you ensure staff have their working environment pleasantly brightened and help promote greater enthusiasm and productivity when they’re at work. Simply investing in a few plants (real or artificial) can lift everyone’s mood.

Posted by Paul Randall
1st September 2015