Viva Las Vegas! A look around the new technology at CES

Viva Las Vegas! A look around the new technology at CES

Wow! Where did that year go? You might remember that this time last year, we reviewed the very latest technology to be introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, which is held annually in Las Vegas. It’s the world’s biggest and best technology show with more than 50,000 exhibitors and a staggering 16,000 attendees over three days. It’s the show where the tech giants choose to showcase their newest technology and where smaller companies take a chance on spending out in the hope of cashing in with their latest invention.

CES 2016

It’s come around again and although we couldn’t be there in person, we’ve taken a look at what’s been getting all the techy geeks excited, and us normal folk wondering just how it’s all possible.

Although there was plenty on offer, many of the showcases seemed to be just a progression of last year’s new technology – with nothing really earth-shattering to reveal. In actual fact, it feels like we’re seeing the futuristic ideas of last year, actually evolving into real products that we’ll be able to buy and use.

The stars of the show

Here’s our pick of the five most exciting and innovative products that seemed to get everyone talking, tweeting and thinking at the show.

The Passenger Drone

Drones were big news last year and for the first time had a whole area dedicated to this exciting new technology. This year, things have moved on a pace and we were introduced to the first drone that can actually carry a passenger. That’s right. You can actually hop in and this pilotless craft will whisk you off to goodness only knows where.

The EHang 184, has apparently already undergone testing and is being marketed as the ‘safest, eco-est and smartest low altitude autonomous aerial vehicle for medium-short distance communication and transport’. It might be perfect to pop down to the shops but don’t expect to go far….it will hover for approximately 23 minutes but then you’ll have to nip back home to put it on charge for two to four hours.

Why not check out The Passenger Drone for yourself?

The Smart Fridge

Samsung couldn’t wait to show us their new Family Hub refrigerator. It has a giant touchscreen built into the door and as part of their SmartThings home service, will let you control not only your fridge temperature but also your lights and your central heating thermostat from either the panel or a connected app. And when you’re out shopping, a line of cameras inside the fridge will send you images of what’s on the shelves so you know what to add to your shopping trolley.

Not quite so advanced but interesting all the same, the Whirlpool French Door Smart refrigerator connects to an app and lets you know if the power is down or when the water filter needs changing. LG meanwhile, are creating innovations to make our lives that little bit easier. You can see the contents of your fridge without even opening the door – just knock on the glass door and the inside becomes illuminated so you can see what’s inside. And if your hands are full, just swipe your foot under the door and hey presto, the door opens for you.

Have a look at the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator and discover the new technologies.

Washing Machines

Your know how you always find a rogue sock on the floor just as soon as you shut the door and start your wash cycle? It can be frustrating to say the least but the clever people at Samsung have come to our rescue. Their new washers have an extra door which lets you add items of clothing after the wash programme has started.

Check out the improved Samsung Washing Machine and forget ever missing that lost sock.

Virtual Reality

The biggest queues at the show were people desperate to try out the new Oculus Rift headset.

Long awaited by gamers who want to immerse themselves in their online world, this piece of kit will change the way games are played forever. The technology is also being used alongside the new 360-degree cameras. If you want to get your hands on this equipment you won’t have to wait long. In fact the manufacturers will begin sending out supplies of the Oculus Rift headset from March 28th – just as long as you’re prepared to pay $599 for it.

The Electric Car

Last year at CES, the buzz was all about the driverless car and whilst this technology is still very much in evidence, the electric car was taking centre stage once again.

Chevrolet unveiled their new vehicle called the Bolt and the common view was that after much dabbling with electric technology, this is the first real vehicle that could replace the petrol/diesel car. Although the styling is traditional, the Bolt is widely seen as revolutionary as it can provide 200 miles of driving on a single charge. It’s currently in production and will be available to buy from next year.

Take a look at the Chevrolet Bolt for yourself and decide if it’s time to trade your car.

We’re embracing new technology

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Posted by Paul Randall
12th January 2016