Timely Delivery, Quality Installation, and Excellent Customer Service

Timely Delivery, Quality Installation, and Excellent Customer Service

Other than a primary necessity of any working space, office furniture withholds numerous benefits for the working environment.

Providing a space in which we can comfortably work is key; not only for our general comfort but for employee health such as avoiding neck strain and back problems. Even more office furniture can aid the styling and design of your office allowing you to create a fantastic welcome space to visitors as well as an attractive environment for employees.

Fortunately for our clients, here at Rainbow Zebra it is our mission to provide customers with the finest office furniture to aid their businesses, organisations, and educational establishments.


Make a Customer, Not a sale”

With a constant stream of orders day in and day out, our team are fully equipped to deal with any questions, queries, and helpful advice and information.

We promise not to take the hard sell approach because our friendly team have a genuine desire to help you find exactly what you need. And because we love our products so much we’ll promise you a five year guarantee on all office seating and furniture purchased from us.

We are not only 100% committed to maintaining our position as one of the leading office furniture suppliers in the UK but ensuring our customer service is second to none. This means that not only do we believe in FREE next day delivery but also in the exceptional and friendly customer service from a dedicated team.

If Flat Pack Isn’t Your Thing

As part of our promise to continue providing excellent customer service we also aim to help you out when you need it the most. All of our products are easy assembly, flat pack.

However, we understand that not everyone is in the DIY frame of mind, or simply might not have the time. Therefore we offer a fantastic installation service whereby we deliver products to your site, build them, and even take away the packaging.

This is a regular occurrence amongst many of our clients. In fact, we recently delivered 12 white desks and 12 chairs to Stuart Delivery. Supplied across two orders throughout December and January all items were built on site. Not only does this make the process significantly easier and quicker but they can rest assured that a screw won’t come loose.

White Furniture

Whilst we’re on the topic of White Furniture we thought we’d take a moment to introduce you to one of most popular ranges. The contemporary range of office furniture is both modern and stylish and is the ideal base for transforming your working environment.

You can move away from the restrictive office space commonly associated with heavy, dark furniture and opt for light reflecting furniture which can transform a drab and uninspiring work place. Such choices are also excellent for a minimal look which you could pair with your company’s corporate colours to create something really bold and striking.

Give Us a Call

Whether you’re looking for a new desk, ergonomic chairs, or reception area furniture why not take a look ar our wide range of products? For further information and help regarding any of our products or installation services please give our fantastic team a call on 0800 092 1985.

Posted by Paul Randall
3rd February 2016