Improve Productivity with the Right Office Furniture

Improve Productivity with the Right Office Furniture

Millions of Brits wake up every morning and head straight to their 9 to 5 office job. In fact, the majority will spend the next 8 hours secured to their desks.

But what should you do when the inevitable happens; your employees are no longer inspired and their productivity flops.

By no means unavoidable – nobody can concentrate solidly for a full day, can they? – there are a number of significant benefits choosing the right office furniture can have on employees.

Work-Related Injury

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) estimated in 2007 that some UK companies lost up to $4.5 million annually due to suffering productivity. This came as a result of absenteeism, injuries, and employees working uncomfortably.

Further statistics from the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) shows that in 2013/14 there were approximately 28.2 million working days lost where employees took days off due to health and safety related injuries; 8.3 million of these days related solely to musculoskeletal disorders.

Whilst we fully acknowledge that office workers are not the main contributors to these statistics the risks of back problems on our health, and as such productivity, diminish significantly with the wrong chair. It has therefore been suggested that an adjustable chair combined with the right ergonomic training leads to less orthopaedic damage and consequently happier, healthier and more productive employees.

Desired Features for your Office Chair

Did you know that the more hours you spend in a chair the more features it should have?

A good chair should not only support your body and allow you to sit comfortably for long periods of time but should ensure that you can move freely around your desk. There are therefore a number of features you’ll need to watch out for when purchasing an ergonomic chair including:

  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Adjustable height
  • Lumbar support

For more information regarding the above features, we’ve written a fantastic blog detailing exactly what you should look out for and how to choose the best ergonomic chair. So why not give it a read?

Increasing Productivity

There are a number of office environment factors that can be attributed to boosting productivity. But as an employer, you should take charge and ensure that you are doing the best to provide a comfortable working space for your staff.

But how exactly can a chair increase productivity?

Supports Your Posture

An ergonomic chair has been designed to solve all of the problems associated with traditional chairs that neglect to support your posture. Comprising of necessary features including both head and backrests, as well as adjustable height features, you’ll need to ensure your feet are flat on the floor, knees at an angle of 90 degrees and parallel to the hips for a positive impact.


If you’re not comfortable the likelihood of full concentration goes out the window.

Ergonomic chairs offer user-friendly functionality so that you can adjust the relevant features individually to your particular needs.

Pressure Reduction

Regardless of shape or size, an ergonomic chair will accommodate all by reducing the pressure from a number of key points; namely neck, back, and hips.

Remove neck support from the equation and you’ll develop stiffness in your neck and consequently the shoulder region leading to long term issues. Supporting the natural curvature of your spine the right chair will reduce neck pressure as well as potential discomfort on your back.

Not forgetting your hips, good seat depth will contribute to reducing any unnecessary pressure and thus strain directed at your legs.

What About My Desk?

It’s certainly not all about the chair; a desk can aid in employee comfort and productivity too.

You’ll need to ensure that your keyboard and mouse placement is positioned in a way that keeps your elbows at your sides and your arms at a 90-degree angle and screens are positioned at the right distance to avoid neck strain.

But we can help you achieve this with the right ergonomic desk. Whilst they don’t boast the same extent of features as an office chair might, the most important thing to remember is adjustability.

Take the Fraction Height Adjustable Desk for example. The desk is electrically adjustable and as such has been designed to specifically increase focus, alertness, and activity levels. In addition, it provides the option of standing up whilst working, which has been suggested to inspire creativity and encourage posture and circulation.

New Office Furniture including desks and chairs

 A Rainbow Zebra Case Study: Choosing The Right Furniture

Whilst it can be tempting for many to cut corners when it comes to purchasing the right office furniture, this is consistently a false economy?

Why? Cheap office furniture that doesn’t support a workers posture or particular work needs can cause a number of short to long-term health effects which subsequently have the potential to affect productivity as we have mentioned.

The Rainbow Zebra team were recently called to a Bristol based company who had just moved into new offices. As such, they were in need of a whole host of office furniture and accessories including desks, office chairs, storage units, and table and chairs for their meeting room.

Our expert team talked them through a number of options which was not only the most cost-effective solution but the most suitable, made the best use of space, and ensured the comfort of their staff. A very positive beginning for their new offices if you ask us.

As you’ll see in the photos we supplied the fantastic Desk Bundle, which provides a sturdy and reliable work station suitable for a range of users and environments as well as a mobile pedestal for additional storage. The desks are now accompanied by the Notion Deluxe Computer Chair with adjustable arms providing comfort and support.

The clients new meeting room is now home to Loco Round Meeting Table and the Club Conference Chairs which are robust and well suited for a variety of environments.

More Help from the Team

Whether you’re looking for ergonomic office chairs, desks, or reception furniture our team of experts can help you find exactly what you need. Give us a call on 0800 092 1985 for more information and advice.

Posted by Paul Randall
28th October 2016