Great Value Ergonomic Office Chairs

Great Value Ergonomic Office Chairs

Employers and employees up and down the country – no, the globe – face the everyday task of ensuring they are both productive and efficient.

Unfortunately, it’s not always quite that simple. In fact, there are a host of factors in play disrupting work flow and concentration. But for those with a desk job the biggest distraction is perhaps the discomfort and potentially pain associated with sitting for 8 or more hours a day.

But, realistically how far would you go to help elevate the stress placed on your body? One American company think they have found the answer; unfortunately this comes with a hefty $6,000 price tag. However, at Rainbow Zebra, we know we have the answer. And at much better value for money. Let us explain…  


Is it a Spacecraft? Is it a Dentist Seat? No, it’s an Office Chair

Technology professionals over at Altwork have in the past year created, manufactured and now begun to sell what quite honestly resembles a dentist chair.

CEO Che Voigt believes that his team in Sonoma County, California have figured out a way to improve your chair thus ensuring you and your employees work better. The Altwork Station – available in superior and standard designs – comes with four available modes.

Standing; sitting; collaborating (the ability to turn the chair away from its screens to interact with others) and focus which allows the chair to fully recline and the screen to be suspended above your head. We dare you not to fall asleep.

Taking up approximately 18 square feet of space, the company has created a somewhat futuristic take on office furniture in a bid to support you in being more productive, comfortable, and healthy. And, jokes aside, we can really see the benefit for sustained hours in front of screens, particularly for the likes of coders, IT specialists, and even competitive gamers.

Realistically, for the average Joe or SME’s the accompanied price tag is just not feasible. But fear not, because we have our own, value for money solutions.


Let Us Explain Ergonomics

A widely recognised solution to hunched backs and stiff necks ergonomics is the science of designing furniture, gadgets, and spaces that conform to what is easiest and healthiest for the human body.

We all recognise that desk jobs aren’t the most healthiest; so you might want to stand up for this next bit. According to Dr. James Levine, director of the Mayo Clinic-Arizona State University Obesity Solutions Initiative, sitting is more dangerous than smoking and is more treacherous than parachuting. He says that we are sitting ourselves to death.

But, adopting the correct positions, ergonomically enhanced furniture, and small bouts of activity (even just two to three minutes) throughout the day can help you drastically. In fact, an ergonomically designed chair can:

  • Support Your Body – Designed to support and enhance your posture, you’ll need to ensure that your feet are flat on the floor, knees at an angle of 90 degrees, and forearms are parallel to the work surface.
  • Improve Comfort – The correct chair can help you sit better for longer with adjustable features that allow you to fit the chair to your positioning needs.
  • Reduces Pressure – Pressure is reduced from key points including neck, back, and hips where the natural curvature of your spine is supported and as such reduces pressure and potential discomfort. Equally, a good seat depth ensures that your hips are supported and do not exert unnecessary pressure, reducing strain directed at your legs.
  • Greater Efficiency - The right positioning can improve both efficiency and productivity by simply removing the distraction of pain and discomfort.

Why Not Give These a Go?

Victor Mesh Office Chair Victor Mesh Chair

A sleek, elegant, and refined office chair with fantastic ergonomic features. Made from a combination of leather and mesh, this chair offers great lumbar support with height adjustable arms and a headrest to ensure the ideal positioning for each user.

Purchase for a cool £150 – that’s a £75 saving on its original price.

Posture Kneeling Wooden Stool for the office Posture Kneeling Stool Wood Frame

Take a break from a regular style chair with these kneeling chairs that have been designed to encourage good posture by distributing the users weight across the body. Ideal for light office use the height and angle of the seat can be adjusted for a comfortable and natural positioning.

Grab your stool for £84.00; currently reduced from £115.00

Shard Executive Office Chair Shard Executive Chair

Featuring an air flow fabric seat and a flexible ribbed back for maximum support the chair is supplied with height adjustable arms and headrest.

It’s all yours for an fabulous £180 (a whopping discount from £395.00).

More Help from the Team

If you’re looking for ergonomic furniture to improve the efficiency and productivity of your employees then our experts can help you find exactly what you need. And at great value for money.

Give us a call on 0800 092 1985 for more information and advice.

Posted by Paul Randall
2nd December 2016