Our Choice of Must Have Desk Accessories for 2017

Our Choice of Must Have Desk Accessories for 2017

Christmas is over, you’ve gained half a stone in cheese alone, and you’re desperately willing the days to slow down. You’re really not quite ready to move from the sofa to your office desk just yet.

But what if you could make the transition a little bit more interesting? Why not give your desk a well overdue make over in 2017 and ensure a smooth start to the New Year?

Take a look at our selection of desk accessories for 2017 that will certainly make you want to come back to work.


The Importance of Accessorising

Let’s face it, you can’t work efficiently if your desk space is full of clutter. And while a seemingly small factor, not being able to find what you need straightaway can, for many, become a real source of anxiety.

In addition many previous research studies have suggested that disorganised desks are one of the leading causes for decreased productivity and do not promote a healthy working environment.

Whilst there is certainly some element of form and functionality to accessorising your desk, make sure you have some fun with it too. An engaging work environment is sure to be a source of stimulation and increased productivity.

Take a look at a selection of our favourite must have’s for your desk below:

  1. A Plan of Attack

Start your year off with a solid plan and ensure that you tackle your daily tasks head on.

Get your hands on the giant memos here.

  1. Memo Mountain

Mount it on your wall, monitor screen, window or door and bask in the practicality of a cork board that also looks great.

And the best bit of the Memo Mountain? The little tree shaped push pins.



  1. Desk Top Punching Ball

Whilst often used as a serious piece of workout or training equipment we’d opt for these desk versions as fantastic stress relievers instead.

And if you can get away with it at the office, this Punch Ball even swears for you.

  1. Sharpener Desk Tidy

Made from wood and stainless steel this Sharpener Desk Tidy is the perfect accessory for a desk that needs a little organising. Chuck in your pens, pencils and other bits without causing unnecessary clutter.

And, it looks great too.


  1. The Six Mile Pencil

If you’re in the creative industry let your thoughts travel with this Six Mile Pencil and fist pump the air at every mile stone as this pencil shows you just how far you have drawn.


Get in Touch with Rainbow Zebra

If you want to improve more than just your desks accessories in 2017 then make sure you come to Rainbow Zebra.

From ergonomic furniture and conference seating to filing cabinets and cable tidies the right office equipment can truly improve office productivity. Our team of experts can help you find exactly what you need, just give us a call on 0880 092 1985 for more information and advice.

Posted by Paul Randall
28th December 2016