Tips to Engaging Your Staff in the Workplace

Tips to Engaging Your Staff in the Workplace

Do your employees lack enthusiasm and productivity? Are they taking too many sick days? Or is your staff turnover particularly high?

Well, the way you act as a manager or business owner could be having a direct impact on these behaviours. According to the latest reports and trends, employee engagement is a key factor in improving all of the above and more.

Have a read of our latest blog and discover exactly why and how you can ensure you are engaging your staff. You’ll reap the rewards; we promise.


Why is Engagement so Important?

Engagement can no longer be considered whimsical but instead necessary to succeed in today’s busy and competitive world. In fact, engaged organisations enjoy reduced staff turnover, improved morale, more productive and loyal employees, improved efficiency, higher customer retention, and potentially an even more profitable business.

We sourced a handful of statistics proving just why engagement is so important including:

  • Engaged employees outperform disengaged employees by 20-28%
  • Companies with the most effective employee communication had 47% higher shareholder returns over the last 5 years
  • Businesses with more engaged employees have 51% higher productivity

6 Ideas for Improved Engagement

Get to Know your Employees – As a manager you should make the time to both listen and learn from your employees interests to build good, solid relationships. In doing so this can have an important impact on employee motivation and engagement.

Make the effort to demonstrate in small ways that you care about their well-being. This may be as simple as asking questions about their hobbies, leisure activities, or family members.  The act of asking will suggest that you really care about your employees as individuals.

Ultimately getting to know your employees will have a positive impact on attitudes & motivation and strengthen the relationship between the two.

Recognise Your Employees – Recognition from a manger is a very important motivator for members of staff which in turn encourages positive behaviour and helps promote long-term top performance.

Whilst a “thank you” or a “well done” can go a long way, ensure that you are highlighting an employee’s recent accomplishments. You may even want to take the time to understand what forms of recognition motivates your employees.

We would also suggest that you make recognition easy and highly visible to everyone throughout the organisation so that others can share in the acknowledgement.

Provide Basic Training – Whatever environment you work in, adequate training should be provided as standard. Ensuring that tasks are completed accurately, by employees who are trained appropriately, helps achieves goals and provides motivation which leads to higher levels of engagement.

Offer additional training or coaching sessions to provide further clarification and education to ensure your team understands their roles and responsibilities within their position. Provide the opportunity for regular feedback so that they can improve in areas of opportunity and continue to excel at their strengths.

Encourage Teamwork – Teamwork essentially grows out of a culture of openness and trust between managers and employees. Try and foster a cooperative atmosphere where there is a positive attitude about the job whilst also ensuring greater efficiency. Those who feel part of a team will invest more time and energy into their job.

When co-workers trust and rely upon each other they accomplish tasks more efficiently. So ensure you adopt a “we’re in this together” spirit.

Act on Employee Feedback – Nothing destroys a survey or employee feedback quicker than lack of action thus reducing employee engagement.

If you have given your employees the opportunity to express their concerns then take the time to share these results with the team. Explain key highlights, discuss any trends, and honestly share how you feel. Then who better to ask for input and suggestions for improvement than said employees?

As actions are implement make sure that you clearly communicate how these actions are linked to the survey as well as any business initiatives.

Have more Fun! – Engaging staff in the workplace can be as simple as taking a half day on a Friday or doing something fun together. Social events help people bond with other team members who don’t interact on a daily basis and will build a better sense of community.

Posted by sondr
31st January 2017