The Rainbow Zebra Guide to a Successful Board Meeting

The Rainbow Zebra Guide to a Successful Board Meeting

Your boardroom is your company’s game face.

Whether your boardroom meetings are internal or external, it is here where deals are done, relationships are forged, and great ideas are born.

However, great ideas and successful meetings will only emerge from careful planning, consideration, and of course a comfortable room.

Therefore we thought we’d give you a helping hand to ensure that every meeting is a successful one. Read on for our top tips below:

How do your Employees View Meetings?

A recent study by software company Atlassian demonstrated some interesting figures about how people view meetings. And possibly at no surprise to you either.

In fact, they rightly point out that just because you’re at work it doesn’t mean that you’re getting work done. Especially when it comes to unproductive meetings; have a look at the figures for yourself:

  • A whopping 62 meetings are attended monthly by most employees. This works out at 31 hours of unproductive time
  • Half of all meetings attended were considered a waste of time
  • 91% of those surveyed admitted to daydreaming during meetings
  • 73% did other work in meetings
  • According to 47% of participants, meetings were the number one time waster in the office.

These figures may or may not surprise you. But the most important aspect to take away from these is that the way you run board meetings – both internal and external – needs to change.

Our Top Tips on running Board Meetings

Your reception may be your shop front but chances are you, your staff and your clients will spend a good deal of time here too. It is therefore key that not only is the space both welcoming and comfortable but meetings are adequately prepped.

  • Plan the Agenda – You need to remember the purpose of a board meeting. In order to achieve your objective you must ensure that all the pertinent topics are covered and properly laid out. Ensure that you take the time to define the upcoming meeting objective in order to drive the direction of the conversation.
  • Preparation – Imperative in the majority of your daily activity, planning is key to ensure clear strategy when pitching to potential investors or making headway on a new project. If you fail to know what you’re talking about, neglect any sort of structure to your speech, or don’t know the subject inside out you’re opening yourself and your business up to criticism.
  • Start on Time – Set the precedence for the forthcoming meeting and ensure that you arrive early and start on time. If you can’t be bothered to arrive in a timely manner, why should your team? Equally avoid running over the scheduled time.
  • Comfortable Furniture – Provide your team with cold hard seat in a less than Boardroom furniture from Rainbow Zebrainspiring room with a wobbly, sub-par table you’re asking for a lack of concentration and involvement. Take a look at this layout in a boardroom recently fitted out by Rainbow Zebra. The Executive Boardroom table is a stylish yet robust solution featuring adjustable feet, metal to metal fixings, and protective edging. In addition the Canasta Leather Look Chair offers a robust cantilever frame and armrest to encourage a natural posture.
  • Share Responsibility – There are various roles needed in any well-run meeting. As such it is not always effective for one person to perform all of these roles. Consider rotating positions so that more people are holding responsibility for the success of your meetings. For example a timekeeper to help keep the group on track; a minute taker to take the official minutes; and discussion leaders to identify subject matters ahead of time and thus lead varying parts of the agenda.
  • Involve Everyone – There are always those who will happily shout to get their point across but don’t forget about the people who are naturally quieter. Encourage them to make their views heard and they might just be able to solve your problem.
  • Make it Fun! – Yes, meetings are all about getting things done but that doesn’t mean they have to be dull. Create a relaxed atmosphere, allow space for a bit of humour, and you’ll find that your team members may open up and even play a more active role.

We’re Here to Help

If you’re looking to update your boardroom in a bid to create a space in which your team can thrive then get in touch with Rainbow Zebra. We stock a range of office Boardroom Furniture and Boardroom Chairs. For more information give us a call on 08500 092 1958.

Posted by Paul Randall
20th March 2017