How to Furnish Your Office on a Budget

How to Furnish Your Office on a Budget

Unfortunately, not many of us have the budget of Google’s headquarters, which means we’re going to have to make some cuts in regards to the slides, napping pods, on-site gyms and even the rooftop allotment.

But it's not all is bad! Putting that thought of excessive luxury to the back of your head, it is actually really easy to revamp or furnish your office with the help of Rainbow Zebra. Forget a dull plain room and transform it into a space that not only generates creativity and boosts productivity, but allows your staff to work in a place that leaves them feeling good about the work they do.

With the help of Rainbow Zebra, we can get you on that track. Happy workers = happy clients! Read on to discover our top tips to furnish your office without breaking the bank.


Colour themes

Perhaps the easiest & most obvious means to revamping the office is by putting a bit of thought into the colours that you’re using. Deciding what colours to emphasise in your office  can not only determine the theme of the rest of the room including furniture and decorations  but, according to colour psychology,  can also affect the mood & productivity of your employees.

Red – This bold colour surprisingly increases your heart rate. Whilst an  excellent colour to use in places you want eyes to be drawn to we’d suggest keeping it as an accent colour due to these intense feelings.

Blue – This tranquil colour is going to stimulate your mind. It is known to be a calming colour that creates a sense of serenity and concentration and in addition is said to promote thinking, performance, and help to keep focus. Take note though, if you’re selling food then this is a no as it decreases your appetite.

Yellow – This colour is tricky but if used right can work wonders. Yellow is used to boost creativity, optimism and confidence which in essence, is everything you want to feel in an office. Be careful with the shade though as if can also very easily become dull and according to psychologists can provoke unwanted anxiety

Green – Much like blue, this is a fresh colour with connotations of peacefulness. It’s said to be particularly beneficial to help reduce the eyestrain from harsh computer glares whilst sparking creativity and broader thinking.


Cheerful Chairs

Anyone who’s ever worked in front of a screen knows the importance of using an ergonomically functioning chair that is adjusted to fit their body. So don’t sacrifice yours or your employees back to save money when purchasing a chair.

In fact, opting for an unusually cheap and poorly fitted chair is guaranteed to cause back pains for your staff resulting in sick days and lost business. Did you know that the Health and Safety Executive shows that there were 8.8 million workings days lost to work-related musculoskeletal disorders in 2015/2016?  That being said, you don’t need to break the bank to get the perfect ergonomic chair. Instead, ensure that you’re keeping an eye out for the following features when searching for the perfect office chair:

  • Adjustable Seat Depth - to enable you to reduce strain direction at your legs and back
  • Adjustable Height - to avoid limited blood circulation and to reduce pressure
  • Recline-ability – to avoid strain when moving around your desk
  • Lumbar Support - to ensure the proper support for your lower back
  • Armrests - to provide the right support whilst both working and resting

For example, our Babylon 24hr Executive Chair comes in at a just £140 down from £285. It comes with all the features you need in an office chair such as all 4 adjustable components, height adjustable armrests and is also available in leather to last that bit longer.

All of our chairs also come with next day delivery and 2 years warranty free of charge.


Timeless Tables

Whilst the physical features may be more important when buying chairs, the desks and tables allow you to be a bit more free and creative. The timeless trend of white furniture is once again here to make an appearance within the corporate scene. White furniture comes with many benefits such as the fresh feel it gives you when light bounces off it and can easily be incorporated with nearly every corporate colour. It allows you to have that all important luxury feel at a bargain!

White furniture can also have connotations of being fresh and organised which is exactly what you want your clients or visitors to feel when they walk in.

Little will your clients know that you got it for an amazing value. Check out our LOCO Meeting Table which has gone down from £210 to £135! Shipping is totally free of charge and if you order before 4:30pm, it can be in your office the next day.



If furniture isn’t what you need but a mini revamp is, then there are loads of little things you can do to make your office feel fresh and new again.

Accent some features and make it quirky – Do something a little crazy that will make your office stand out and stick in people's memory. Creative business? Get some professional wall art done in your corporate colours

In recent years we’ve also noticed a growing trend between working around nature with an increase in garden offices. Whilst a full garden is not possible for all, adding touches of nature within your workspace could transform your office environment. From visual benefits to reduced stress and improved air quality, find out how your office could flourish.


Need Some Help?

Whether you’re looking to furnish your office on a budget or just need to update some furniture, Rainbow Zebra are here to help. Give a member of our dedicated team a call on 0800 092 1985 to see how we can help you.

Posted by Paul Randall
28th April 2017