Office Furniture Trends For 2020

Office Furniture Trends For 2020

As a new year enters, new trends follow with many designers tipping the office furniture trends for 2020 this month. In this article, we will talk you through the main trends we have identified for office design this year. We will also look at the benefits each trend bring for your workplace and employees. So, sit back and get ready to tackle the new trends for office furniture in 2020.


The Importance of Sustainability Rising

Over the past couple of years sustainability, consumption and climate control have been big issues at global level. This has led to an increased demand for sustainable materials to be used for workplace furniture and office surroundings. Many offices are now being proactive in picking out furniture made from sustainable materials, such as reclaimed or upcycled items. Sustainable fabric has already elevated to the heights of the fashion industry and has now made its mark on office design. We expect to see more synthetic manmade materials to be used less with low emission and animal-friendly fabrics to take their place. This trend crept in towards the end of last year, however, we expect this to grow in importance over this year with many manufacturers now opting to produce their products with sustainable materials.


Balance of Quiet and Communal Zones

Different staff work better in different environments so a big trend for this year is getting the balance of quiet and communal zones right. Quiet zones offer your employees an alternative area without high noise levels, so your workforce can fully focus and concentrate on important tasks they need to finish. As some workers struggle to keep focus in open-plan offices and require a quieter space to complete tasks, this will allow your employees to have a zone where they buckle down and get things done. Communal zones offer the opposite where they are more open to collaborative working and flexibility. A communal space will give your staff the ability to work from anywhere so they can feel more comfortable. To keep up with this trend you should look for multipurpose furniture that adapts to the different methods of working such as sit-stand desks, office booths and breakout spaces.


Dedicating Your Office To Mindfulness

Mindfulness is expected to come to the fore as companies are now looking to create workspaces that have areas for studying & research, concentration & focus spaces, and specific slots for quiet zones. As staff are finding it more difficult to concentrate with more distractions in offices than ever before, creating a mindful workspace has become an attractive idea to many employers. Dedicating specific areas to mindfulness will allow your employees to have a space where they can be at peace of mind. This, in turn, will lead to higher productivity and the chance of better working results, as you will have zones tailored to your staff’s needs.


More Adaptability and Flexibility

Offices are now evolving as employees have become more mobile, which has led to an increased demand for greater adaptability and flexibility in workplaces. Ideas such as hot-desking became massively popular last year as it allowed employees to have the freedom of working from different desks and locations. Increasing adaptability and flexibility at your office will have a positive impact on the productivity and efficiency of your company. In response to this, furniture suppliers and manufacturers have switched their attentions to creating innovative furniture that enables offices to have more flexible and adaptable working areas. With this trend on the rise, it is exciting times for office employees as they can expect their workspaces to become a lot more tailored to their needs.


Inclusive Environments

In 2020 we expect more focus to be put on inclusive environments in office spaces. As companies want to attract and retain the most talented workers, it has become a necessity to make your workspace as inclusive as possible. When incorporating inclusivity into your office you should look to create a workspace that caters to all of the staff at your company. It is also essential that your office design celebrates diversity and is tailored to the needs of your employees. Inclusive spaces should be designed with thought to all genders, personalities and job roles, this way you can ensure that everyone involved in the business feels welcomed, valued and supported. As mental illnesses are currently linked to poor working environments, making your office more inclusive will promote both good mental and physical health. Inclusivity should be a priority to your business not just in 2020 but in the years to come to get the most out of your workforce.


Bold Colours and Textures

In 2020 you can expect to see the use of bold colours and textures in offices. You can expect to see bold clashes with daring contrasts, for more playful workplace designs this year. Many designers have stated that trends are challenging tradition this year, with office interior design being brave and breaking boundaries. Prints and wallpapers are also predicted to make a comeback to create more inspirational and exciting office spaces which encourage creation and productivity. We recommend that you try experimenting with colours and textures this year to make your office a more attractive and brighter place for your employees.


Natural Light

Many offices are found to be deprived of natural light, however, we expect this to change this year. In previous years office employees have stated that they would like to see more natural light in office spaces, as this was found to be a big concern in the 2018 K2 space survey. Natural light is found to offer a diverse range of benefits from positively impacting employee productivity and wellbeing. Office designers are now putting a high emphasis in incorporating as much natural light as possible into their designs. Increasing the amount of natural light in your workplace can be a difficult thing to do, however, if you have the capacity to do this, we highly recommend this for the benefits to your employees.


Now you know the office furniture trends for 2020 it is time for you to implement them into your workplace. Browse the exceptional office furniture available here at Rainbow Zebra to kit out your office with the latest commercial chairs and tables.

Posted by Paul Randall
20th January 2020