Office Move Checklist

Office Move Checklist

Office moves happen a lot in the commercial world with companies outgrowing their offices to move to larger ones or businesses scaling down to smaller ones to cut costs. Relocating your office can be a stressful experience if you are not properly prepared for your move. Whereas those that have pre-planned are more likely to witness a smooth office move as they are ready for every step of the relocation. For those of you who are stressed about moving offices, no need to worry. In this article we will provide you with the ultimate office move checklist, so you can ensure that your relocation goes as smoothly as possible. Whether the move is small or big, follow this list and you can move offices problem free.


1 Planning your office move

An essential part of your office move will be ensuring that you have a plan in place. Planning is vital in relocating offices to allow your move to go smoothly. Understanding what the move will involve and knowing when certain tasks need to be completed will allow you to stay on top of everything during your relocation.

Key planning points

  • Creating a schedule for your move with deadlines set for each task.
  •  Analyse your new location and its capabilities to establish whether you will need to purchase new technology, office furniture or storage.
  • Consider how your relocation may affect your current and existing projects and how you will manage this.
  • Plan your office space by familiarising yourself with your new location and its surroundings.
  • Research all of your key costs of relocating. This could involve the use of removal companies, storage for equipment during the move, rent or deposits for your new office facility.


2 Preparing for your office relocation

The next step in your office move checklist is to prepare for your relocation. You may have planned efficiently, but it is crucial that everyone involved in the move is fully prepared in order for it to successfully take place. Those involved in moving premises should be aware of every task that needs to be completed and when the tasks will take place. So, it is important that staff, clients and suppliers are in the know of when your move will take place to have a smooth transition.

Key preparation points

  • Create a floor plan of your new office including key operational areas such as meeting rooms, directors rooms, staff workstations and kitchens.
  • Inform all of your key stakeholders of your planned move so they are aware and can prepare for changes.
  • Determine whether your assets will work in line with your new offices IT infrastructure.
  • Make a list of IT and Telecommunications equipment you will be moving to your new office.
  • Consider whether you will need to purchase new office furniture and replace chairs and desks for a fresh feel at your new location.
  • Arrange for your internet and network to be up and running before the day of your move.


3 On the day of your office move

Although communication is essential throughout the whole office move process, on the day of your relocation, the way you communicate will be even more crucial to how your move goes. If you have planned and prepared well, you will just need to follow your schedule and your move should be fairly stress-free. However, ensure that you allow plenty of time for each task as it may take a while transporting equipment from your old office to your new location, depending on distances.

Key points to follow on the day of your move

  • Check the condition of your new office when you arrive – take photos of any visible damage or faults before moving in any equipment and keep these on record as evidence.
  • Move all of your tech equipment first – once moved test all phones, computers, networks, servers and any other electrical equipment you have, to see if they are working properly.
  • Allocate a budget for refreshments for all staff and any external moving staff as the day of relocating requires a lot of hard work.
  • Appoint a member of staff at both your old office and your new location to ensure that the process is on schedule and going smoothly.
  • Colour code items and number desks to ensure that everything is moved to the correct places.
  • Make sure an emergency contact sheet is available to everyone taking part in the moving process so you can be aware of any emergencies or accidents.


4 After moving offices

Even though your office relocation is now complete you will now need to evaluate that you have successfully completed all of your moving tasks. This will involve finalising key changes like distributing new telephone lists and department locations and ensuring that your insurance has been transferred to your new facility. After you have finalised all of your checklist you are ready to go and tackle all of your projects head first again!

Key points for finalising your relocation after moving offices

  • Perform a detailed check of your new premises.
  • Distribute new telephone lists and department locations.
  • Make sure that your insurance policy is transferred over to your new office, so you are fully covered.
  • Report any damage to removal companies and arrange for empty boxes, crates and unneeded equipment to be removed.
  • Ensure that all old leases have been wrapped up and hand in all keys, passes and key cards to your old premises have been handed back in.
  • Check for any outstanding invoices or payments to be made.
  • Finalise your address mailing list.
  • Announce your office relocation or issue a press release detailing your move.
  • Check your office move checklist to see if anything is outstanding.
  • Host an office warming or a party to celebrate your relocation.


Now you have got the essential office move checklist you can organise your move properly in future. If you are looking to move to a new office or relocate in the near future, we offer a fantastic installation service here at Rainbow Zebra. Browse our office furniture today and make the most of our installation service when moving to your new premises.


Posted by Paul Randall
17th June 2019