How to give your office some personality

How to give your office some personality

Having a standard office with a chair, desk and pen pot to make your office functional at the least is easy to sort but one that oozes personality, enthusiasm and productivity is another challenge.

Your office and staff are the heart of your business and are the most crucial parts to take care of if you want your business to be portrayed as friendly, professional, approachable or whatever your personality of choice is.

Through carefully chosen designs, colours and daily activities, you can help create the perfect personality for your business that will shine through to not only your visitors but your staff also, making your business a happier place to work.

To get started, we’ve listed off some tips on how to do this.

Glam up the boring office supplies

This is a small but subtle way to spruce up the office. Take away the dull blacks and greys in the office by adding a pop of colour to stationary such as staplers, scissors and tape dispensers. Why not try your brand colours or maybe shiny gold?

Painting your office stationery can also be something fun for your team to do together one lunchtime.

  1. Lay down some newspaper to protect your floor and furniture. If you’re doing it inside, try and be next to an open window to let out any paint fumes.
  2. Tape off the office supply parts – on scissors, for example, you should tape off the blades.
  3. Spray a light even coat and let it dry
  4. Repeat step C until it’s fully covered and then leave to dry for at least an hour

Put a real calendar up in the office

It’s too easy to reach for your phone to check the date or get up your trusty outlook calendar, but sometimes it’s nice to put up a calendar in the office for everyone to see, including visitors.

Within the office, you can use this calendar to keep up with more personable fun events such as an employee’s birthday or work anniversaries.

For bonus points, you could even speak to a print company to make your calendar branded and/or personalised. The calendar will likely be used better too if employees have a say in the design.

This will bring personality back to the office by filling up the office wall and making somewhat of a talking point.

Add some home comforts like a pillow or a throw

If throws and pillows make you comfortable at home, then why not bring them into the office? If you have a guest area or a comfy section of the staff room, add in some humorous cushions or fluffy throws to show off a bit more of a light-hearted personality in less professional areas.

If it is in an area that’s visible during working ours or somewhere a visitor would see, it demonstrates that even during the day, you’re not all about work work work and that you are friendly and approachable.

Put some art on the walls

No, we don’t necessarily mean hanging up client charters or company certificates, but some real, colourful and inspiring art to lift the atmosphere up and motivate your employees will significantly improve employee morale as well as inject some personality into the office.

Recently we shared a blog about how to adorn your office walls which goes into how to choose the right bit of artwork for your office walls.

Get big and bold with your office plants

When bringing the outdoors in, there will be a big difference between adding a few pot plants to desks and getting a dramatic bold plant. Get some big and bold statement plants to bring some bold shrubbery into the office.

If your worried about maintenance and big plants making a mess, there are so many fake plants on the market that look very realistic these days. Just pop to the closest IKEA or garden centre to take a look.

Have a success board

Much of your office personality is down to your staff so let them show their individuality through a success board. This is somewhere on display employees can go to recognise and write about each others’ achievements whether it’s a big sale made at work, a promotion or maybe something personal like a house move or charity event.

To visitors, it will also be a talking point and a time to show just how great your team are whether it's work-related or not.

Need a hand?

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Posted by Paul Randall
23rd April 2019