Artwork in the Office – How to Adorn Your Office Walls

Artwork in the Office – How to Adorn Your Office Walls

When you walk into an office, what impresses you the most? Is it the sleek desks? The blank walls? The muted grey carpet?

Sometimes, the inspiration that employees and clients both need is hung up on the white office walls. Art can be inspiring for some, and when you are putting together an office, you have a much bigger challenge on your hands than when you are decorating your own home.

Your tastes will come under scrutiny, and you will be judged by those who come into your office based on how garish or how boring the artwork is, so it's time to think wisely.

Why Incorporate Art in your Office

Employee Performance

There are so many good reasons for adding art to your office, but the most significant indicator that it's a good idea is the impact on employee performance and mood. It can also have the power to improve the bond between employee and client.

Offices aren't the most exciting places to be, with mazes of desks and ergonomic furniture being in the forefront of the space. Our brains hang onto memorable things, and we remember landmarks and brilliant pieces of art more than we remember the boring places to look at. We appreciate the beauty and we revere well-placed pictures and artwork.

Company Branding

Another reason that artwork is essential in the workspace is the fact that branding can be addressed, with the company culture in the workplace to be communicated. Those who display their artwork that is more unusual is likely to be seen as less traditional, more modern and practices non-conventionally.

Employee Well-being

We see artwork on the walls of hospitals to brighten up the environment for patients, and it has the same effect on employees in the workplace. When we spend eight to ten hours a day in a grey office, it can foster feelings of stress and tension so the office workers can become exhausted and worn down mentally.

Viewing beautiful artwork or great colour splashes can train the brain toward positivity and happiness.

How To Choose The Right Artwork For Your Office

Reflective Art

Art is one of the most personal things that you can display in your office, as it says a lot about your brand and who you are. If you want to reflect your brand personality, you have to be secure in what message you want to convey when others walk in. How you want your business to be seen will impact your colours and design choices.

Change The Atmosphere

How many people love sitting in an office? Not many. Art can change the whole atmosphere of the workspace, so if you want people to feel creative and confident, art is the way to go. Fresh images and bold artwork on blank walls - with the right matching office furniture to complement it - can change the entire look of the office area. You can make an effort to make space feel warm with the right tones and colours, too.

First Impressions

Choosing office art is not the same as choosing personal art for the home. You need to think about your clients and customers feel more than yourself. The artwork is always noticed, so making the right choice for your brand is essential.

Other Ways To Fill The Space

It's not just art that gets those creative juices flowing, so let's look at three different ways you could fill those blank walls in the office.

Think About Textiles

Whether you're hanging a tapestry or using a simple curtain rod with fabric hanging from it, textiles can give texture and character to your office space, filling the blank wall and making people happy.

Use Shelving

Multiple art pieces may be too much in your office, but floating shelves can make a big difference to the walls that you want to fill. Long floating shelves with smaller artsy trinkets can have just as much of an impression as a giant art mural.

Mirror, Mirror

Reflective art is one thing, but mirrors are a whole other type of reflective art. Use ornate frames with large mirrors or choose an assortment of smaller mirrors arranged into a gallery wall for your art. They brighten the office considerably, and they can make light bounce off the corners of the space to make it look bigger.

Office art can always be designed around the style and colour of your office furniture, so take your time to choose the right artwork to suit you.

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Posted by Paul Randall
21st March 2019