Jo Richings on helping business owners achieve their full potential

Jo Richings on helping business owners achieve their full potential

In the first of our blog series on what it means to be a successful business coach we recently asked Jo Richings, a business coach based in Bristol, for her views...

How important is it for businesses to receive coaching?

I think every business should have a business coach, large and small. It’s very powerful to have an external person bringing a fresh perspective and new ideas. A coach can help you see the wood from the trees, spot the quick-wins, hold you accountable and help you develop the skills needed to be a successful business.

Who receives and benefits from coaching?

Helping business owners to develop a clear vision, the strategy to achieve that vision, and strong leaderships skills will benefit the entire business. Managers are more motivated; the team feel valued and customers will notice the difference. I tend to work at all levels throughout a business. First with the business owner or MD, then with their leadership team and finally with the team via workshops. Every business is different and depends entirely on their needs.

How can Organisations Better Measure Success from Coaching?

I think it’s vital that results are measured from business coaching. It’s important to set out clear objectives in the beginning so both sides understand what you are looking to gain from the coaching programme. I offer a 6 months return on investment guarantee with all my coaching programmes which helps to keep us focused. I’ve never had to pay out on that guarantee in 11 years of business coaching and most clients stay with me for 5 years plus. Some even longer!

Why did you become a Business Coach?

I ran a Sales business for years, selling B2B so I got to meet a lot of business owners. I began to understand that a good plumber starts a business because he is a good plumber and that this didn’t necessarily make him a good business owner. Suddenly they must deal with staff, budgets, marketing and VAT and I could see that a lot of them really needed help. That, combined with my passion for a making a difference made business coaching a brilliant business model for me. I’ve been coaching for 11 years know and there is nothing else I’d rather do. Now I tend to work with businesses looking to move to the next level, whatever that may be for them.  I absolutely love it.

What are the Top Client Misconceptions coming from Business Coaching?

The main misconceptions about business coaching is that coaching is for failing businesses and that having a coach is a sign of weakness.  This is just not true. In fact, the opposite is true. The kind of people I work with are smart enough to understand that if they want to be a huge success, they need expertise that they may not currently have.    

When Coaching how more/less effective is Face to Face communication over Skype or Facebook?

Both work really well. In my early days I did all my coaching face to face but nowadays it tends to be 80% via Zoom and 20% face to face. The advantages of Zoom is that you tend to crack on a lot quicker so it can be more efficient. I often work with team of Management teams of 10 or so on Zoom which works brilliantly, especially when the team are at different locations. Some clients prefer face to face coaching and that’s OK too!

How important is it for a coach to meet with their client in person?

It’s not essential to meet in person, although I consider working via Zoom as working in person and find it much better than the telephone. I have coached people on the other side of the world so face to face is not always practical.

What would your clients say about you?

They would probably say that I am one of the most positive and enthusiastic people they know. That I say it as it is, but with a smile on my face, I’m good fun to work with and of course, extremely knowledgeable about Business.


The Rainbow Zebra team would like to say a HUGE thank you to Jo for all her enthusiasm in writing up this post, it's certainly very useful and gives pause for thought on taking on a business coach.

To get in touch with Jo please contact her via her website at or call directly on 07813 693 523.

Posted by Paul Randall
12th March 2019