How To Keep Healthy And Warm In Your Office This Winter

How To Keep Healthy And Warm In Your Office This Winter

The winter months are some of the most stressful times for the people who are commuting to work every day. These cold months at the end of the year bring last-minute deadline stress and then the beginning of the year is all about dragging yourself to work in January - stress!

The issue with stress is that once you pair that with the winter weather, you're going to feel low, making you more susceptible to feeling sick.

As well as stress, sickness bugs will always do the rounds in the workplace, and part of this is because of feeling chilly while inside the office. While you can ensure that you stay warm this winter by shutting the blinds and keeping the heat inside, staying warm in the office isn't easy – particularly if you’re familiar with the ever-lasting air conditioning debate.

Usually, in the cold weather, the only thing that you want to do is to get comfortable in your pyjamas and a blanket and curl up with a hot drink. The problem is that even when you feel like hibernating, you can't. Life must go on, which means that you need to head to work and you need to make the best of it by staying as warm and healthy as you can while you're around other people - all of whom want to be at home, too!

When you work from home, this issue of staying warm and healthy isn't really an issue at all but when you're in the office with other people, you need to think about how you can keep yourself comfortable - and we've got the tips to help you do it.

Stay Hydrated

There is always an abundance of hot drinks in your office, but whether you should be drinking constant coffee or tea is up for question here, when water is clearly a much better alternative.

There is always an argument about whether hot or cold water is the best option for you, but it's important to know that drinking constant hot drinks won't necessarily warm you up!

Your tongue recognizes something hot and will tell your brain to start the sweating process - to cool you down. You would need to drink hot drinks all day long to stay warm, which really isn't good for your body.

So, drinking cold water will signal your body that it's time to warm up, and you'll work hard to warm up on the inside as the cold water hits your system. Isn't science great?!

Layers, Layers, Layers

Layering your clothes together is a no brainer. Not only will you be as comfortable as you choose, but you can also remove layers if you get too hot. There are just so many layers you can remove, but if you get cold again you can pile them back on!

Most of the time, people will layer vests with shirts and warmer sweaters, but you could also add thermals under your trousers and if you're a lady, wear a thicker denier of tights. Adding thick socks to your feet and adding a scarf to set off your outfit will also look amazing while feeling toasty. Use whatever you can to layer your outfit, and you'll not feel a breeze!

Avoid Germs

It's flu season, cold season, chest infection season and had-about-enough season in your office.

Every day your comrades are dropping back to bed because they have picked up yet another bug from the workplace. You need to do some damage control by ensuring that you don't share pens, remotes, phones, and keyboards with anyone sneezing and coughing.

Germs get everywhere and keeping antibacterial gel on your desk is going to help you to keep those germs away from your immune system.

Washing your hands thoroughly after you touch surfaces like doorknobs, light switches and desks are essential, and you should ensure that you dry your hands thoroughly with a paper towel before you sit down again.

You can't take too many chances in the winter months if you want to stay at your desk and keep working.

Keep Moving

You might be at a desk, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you must sit still. Keep moving by marching on the spot while on a call or take time to walk to colleagues’ desks instead of pinging them emails. You need your blood pumping and body moving to keep it warm.

At lunchtime, go for a long walk and feel great about it. The most important thing is to keep your body moving as much as possible.

The winter is here, and we've got to wait for it to go past before Spring is sprung again. Keep well!

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Posted by Paul Randall
10th January 2019