How to Declutter Your Desk

How to Declutter Your Desk

You’ve heard the phrase that less is more, and with 2019 a few weeks away, there is never a better time to sweep away the clutter and do something different with your workspace. Having a solid and functional office desk is important if you want to be productive and motivated enough to work. The clutter in your office can really impact the way that you work, but the clutter on your desk? That’s directly in your face all the time, reminding you of the things that you have to do and you never get through it all, because you don’t have the motivation. It’s a vicious circle, and if you are too disorganised with your desk, everything in your eye line is going to consistently compete for your attention. This isn’t the way to work effectively, and you know it, otherwise, you wouldn't be online looking for ways to declutter your office desk.

With all of that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can clear out your office furniture and get organised for the New Year.


Back To Basics

The best way that you can ensure that you declutter effectively is to go back to basics. Take every single thing off your desk and lay it out on the floor. Clean the desk down and then reevaluate what you actually use and need within arm’s length. You definitely don’t need ten paper calendars and fifteen pens on your desk, so scale it back. If, after a few days, there are still items on the floor, you don’t need them on your desk and they need a new home.


Clear The Crockery

How many cups of coffee do you go through a day? And how many actual cups do you use instead of reusing the same one? Believe it or not, random crockery - both plates and mugs - are culprits for a messy desk. Invest in a reusable hot drinks flask or cup and a reusable plastic water bottle. Keep these only for your office, and don’t bring in anything resembling a novelty mug. Now, see how much space you have left!


Declutter Your Desk...Top

Decluttering cannot be just about your office furniture. There are two different types of desktop in your office, and one of them is digital. This doesn't mean that it can’t be cluttered, though! Icons of documents that spread right out across the screen along with programme icons all need to be sifted through, backed up or deleted and generally tidied up. Your computer stares you in the face every single day, which means it’s just as important to declutter this desktop as it is your office furniture.


Test Your Pens

Remember the 15 pens mentioned earlier? It’s time to declutter those. Test out every single pen in the pot on your desk. The ones that are dried up need to be put into the bin and the ones you never use have no place on your desk at all. Only keep the working pens that you like to use and make sure all your stationery is actually usable!


Invest In Clipboards

Want to look a little chic in your office? Try mounting clipboards to walls around where you sit. Calendars, daily to-do lists and notes about clients are important and usually need to be on the desk. However, by hanging these from clipboards, you can keep them in your line of sight and nearby to grab whenever you need them. Plus, they make your entire desk look empty!


Visual Declutter

It’s not always about the stuff on your desk when it comes to decluttering. Sometimes, you need to declutter your colours. An office is a busy place and when you have clashing colours, you can really have a ‘mess’ visually. Loud colours can cloud the eyes and look too much, too messy, too busy. Stick to a colour palette of one or two colours that set off your office furniture beautifully. You’ll have a streamlined look in no time at all with just two colours that complement each other.


Small Desk Declutter

Small office furniture? That’s okay - minimalist is chic now, right? Using clip-on desk organisers that stick onto the side of the desk keep plants and pens away from the desk space, allowing you enough space to move around and free up some of the desk space for necessary tech.

Decluttering your desk is only going to benefit you, so get on it today and change your life for the New Year.


Is it time to upgrade your desk?

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Posted by Paul Randall
3rd December 2018