How to make employee training easier, faster and way more fun!

How to make employee training easier, faster and way more fun!

Employee training can sometimes be quite dull, and it’s often hard to keep your employees engaged. If you’re struggling to find the right balance in your training methods, then I’ve got some tips for managers that will transform the way you train.

All professionals are aware of the benefits that come with employee training. It’s how we get our individual staff members working cohesively as a team, and it’s how they develop their skills to become more efficient at their daily jobs. As a consequence, training makes your business function more effectively and be a more productive organisation.

Bearing that in mind, here are my top office tips to make employee training much simpler, faster, and way more enjoyable:


Use the microlearning method

Hands up if you currently have full training days set aside for your employees? I predict the majority of hands went up then, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. There is definitely a place for full training days, but that doesn’t mean your employee training is most effective when you only use this approach.

To make employee training much easier and more engaging, think about using the microlearning method. What is this? Essentially, it’s the idea that people learn in small chunks rather than big long sessions. So, you could have small employee training sessions every so often that teaches them one or two particular things.

The benefits of microlearning are that you don’t have to set aside full days for training, and the fast nature of it means your employees are more engaged and can learn more effectively. Plus, it’s more fun for them as they can do just a small burst of training for an hour or so, then get back to work. It’s a proven method that yields results, so switch things up now and then to keep training more fresh and exciting.


Video training & other online methods

The majority of your employees have probably already gone through most forms of education, which means they’ve done their time sat down in a chair listening to someone lecture them. Instead of repeating this with your training techniques, you can make things more interactive and enjoyable by using video training and other online methods.

Video training is highly effective as it’s almost like a condensed lecture. Plus, you can pause and play it whenever you want, which makes it a pretty perfect idea when you consider microlearning. These days, you can even get online training courses that are perfect for modern employees. They combine video learning with interactivity to keep people engaged and develop their skills.

For me, this is the perfect approach as you can utilise it in your micro learning sessions as well. What’s more, using online training courses means your employees actually need to pay attention as they may be presented with little tests and get graded on their performance. As such, they have to actually prove that they’ve learned something and can showcase that in the test.


Incorporate practical games into office training

Another simple way to make employee training more enjoyable and increase the office fun is to incorporate practical games into it. Now, don’t just split your employees up into teams and get them to play any old game and call it team building - that’s not practical! Instead, think of ideas that actually get them working together and require an element of skill.

There are two I have in mind, and they both revolve around office furniture. The first is to get some desk chairs with wheels on, and then organise your office, so there’s a lane to push the chair down. This game aims to get two teams to see who can push their chair the furthest. The only rules are that someone has to sit on the chair, and only one person can give it a push. This forces your employees to work as a team and come up with a solution. They can use anything around the office to pimp their chair, and the winner can receive a prize.

My second idea is much simpler; take apart your some office furniture and make your employees put it back together. Again, this gets everyone working as a team and ensuring tasks are delegated and shared effectively. Whichever team builds their pieces of furniture first will be crowned the winners. It’s great fun, and you’ll be surprised at how much this helps your employees grow closer as a team.


Implement gamification 

Gamification is one of the hottest topics in the employee training world right now. Essentially, it means you apply different elements of game playing into your training techniques. As an example, you take the point scoring element of gaming and apply it to employee training. Or, you take the competitive nature from it and use this to your advantage.

Doing this will add more importance to employee training, whilst also making it fun. You don’t need to play games to implement this technique either. Take the online courses I mentioned earlier, you can apply gamification here. Everyone follows the course, and then you create a leaderboard of people with the highest training test scores. Whoever wins will get something as a reward - like an extra few holiday allowances, or a voucher that gets them a discount at their favourite store/restaurant.

Gamification brings a competitive element to training, which makes your employees more keen to pay attention and actually train themselves. They’ll be eager to shoot up the leaderboard, and as a consequence, their skills will develop. Remember, this point scoring and leaderboard system is just one example of gamification in employee training. There are other ways you can implement this, though I do believe something along these lines is the best and most fun for everyone.

Employee training shouldn’t be monotonous - you need to switch things up and make it a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Use the ideas I’ve detailed in this guide, and you will see a dramatic improvement in how your employees engage in training, their general approach to it, and the results you see from it. As a result, your business will reap the rewards!


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Posted by Paul Randall
23rd October 2018