What's The Real Cost Of A Bad Office Chair?

What's The Real Cost Of A Bad Office Chair?

Standing desks, early morning yoga, perhaps a session at the chiropractors? These are all things that may be considered to relieve or reduce the risk of serious backache. The fact is that British office workers spend around nine hours a day sitting down and yet still settle for second rate, cheap office chairs.

Take a look at our handy infographic detailing the real cost of bad backs to the UK, with tips on what to look for when choosing the right ergonomic desk chair for you.


Don’t Let Your Office Chair Stab You In The Back

So, whilst you may be tempted by cheaper options, an ergonomic office chair saves you time and money in potential absenteeism – as well as reducing the risk of injury at work.

If you want to sit comfortably for longer, why not browse our range of orthopaedic office chairs for bad backs, or give one of our friendly team a call on 0800 092 1985.


Posted by Paul Randall
22nd January 2018