Trends in Office Furniture - What's in Vogue?

Trends in Office Furniture - What's in Vogue?

Designing suitable workspaces that promote flexibility, comfort and functionality means making smarter choices when considering your office furniture.  There is no right or wrong solution - it's what works best for you.   But what's "in" as a trend in office furniture, and what will offer you longevity and design excellence for your own workspace or business?

Our experience is telling us that companies are now focused on creativity - creating an environment for their employees that resonates with their brand, values and culture.  It is impressive to see how some of the larger brands like Facebook and Google have captured that spirit within their workspaces.

Whilst trends may change the onus on collaborative work environments that encourage productivity will remain. Here are a selection of what we are currently seeing trending.

Office Pods

A growing trend these acoustic pods promote quieter working areas for employees. The contemporary feel to them appeals to the millennial generation who want creative spaces, collaborative environments and modern working conditions.  A company's brand or colour palette can be incorporated into the design of these pods which creates a bespoke solution for businesses with their own identity.  The added bonus is that they are flexible and can be easily moved around an office to cope with office and design requirements.

Incorporating Technology

Convergence of technology into our lives has meant we are integrating it both in our personal and professional lives. Having the ability to be mobile, bring laptops to meetings, working on the move and being able to hot desk means offices are leaning more towards a wireless environment. Cable management in the meantime is trending - hiding away wiring by integrating it within the desk together with monitor arms is very popular. We have now become familiar with a USP port within our plug sockets or on our desks but how about integrated within office chairs. We always want ergonomic but now that's combined with technology too.

Shared Storage

The storage solutions we now see are not the storage we consider in the more traditional sense. Under-desk pedestals, large filing cabinets and bulky storage are at last in the past. With businesses becoming more flexible about how employees work and rent prices on the rise the move is towards shared storage environments to maximise space.
New methods of storage are emerging - offering shared solutions, great design and maximum capacity for businesses. No longer is it in a dark room, rather it is at the core of the office design. Shared storage units are being used as part of the wider design and planning in particular to divide desks - offering again that important acoustic element so required in an open plan office.

Customisation of Workspace

One of the coolest trends to appear is the ability to customise your workspace. Whether you want to sit at your desk or stand to work the latest office furniture allows you just that.
Sit-to-stand workstations gives you maximum flexibility to work how you wish without impacting your colleague on the next desk. You are able to choose whether you want to be in your seat at your desk or if you want to stretch your legs by working standing up - all at the touch of a button.

No matter what your preference is across new trends the key thing to remember is to create a workspace with the right furniture that suits you and your employees. Soft seating, modular workbenches, office pods, customised workspaces will certainly offer ongoing flexibility but ensure that whatever office furniture you decide on can change and adapt as your business does.

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Posted by Paul Randall
28th July 2017