The Top Ten Products Not Yet on the Market... or are they???

We've scouted round the web looking for the top ten products not yet on the market - some sound insane but others do sound like a good idea - let us know what you think!

Products not yet on the market

We loved what we found so much we thought we'd share them with you:

iPod radio

Actually you can get an inbuilt radio on an ipod but only on 4th generation (and beyond) iPods – if your iPod is older you can get round this lack of radio by purchasing a newer one!


A cup with built in solar heaters

This is a good idea! Would have thought it would have been a reasonably simple task to create – mind you it wouldn’t work with giving you that late night cup of warm cocoa though would it?


Self weighing luggage

Amazingly you’d think this would be a standard feature especially with the way the airlines charge for the slightest weight infringement! However the days of dragging your suitcase to the check in counter praying you don’t get whacked for exorbitant charges are over – check out self-weighing luggage from Intelligent Luggage


Wireless phone chargers

In one sense these do exist (i.e. you don’t have to plug them directly in) – check out this wireless charge for Nokia mobile phones BUT what we really want is a charger that’s so wireless we can walk into a room, plonk the phone down ANYWHERE and it auto charges – now that would be convenient!


Paperless toilet paper

We won’t deal on this one too long but check out:

Supposedly a growing movement (excuse the pun) in that people choose to use cloth to clean up instead of flushing away rolls of paper. Right now we can’t see a real solution to toilet paper being “paperless” - unless perhaps you install one of these beauties:

Diet snickers bar

At the start of the last year Mars Inc announced that at the end of 2012 the King Size 540 calorie Snicker bar will no longer be sold in the UK.  Instead you’ll be able to snack on two bars at 250 calories each... not really a diet snickers bar if you munch both one after the other but its a start in the right direction.


Self heating deodorant

On a cold Winter's day there’s nothing worse than grabbing a freezing cold can of deodorant, spraying underarm and jumping through the ceiling when the cold shock hits you! If a self heating deodorant ever hits the market we want to know about it!


Drive in shopping mall

From a health perspective this is probably something mankind can do without – but some folk seem quite keen on the concept of drive in shopping malls:


Self cleaning sweaters

Imagine a clean, fresh smelling sweater you get to wear everyday without having to wash the thing every few days... it’s *almost* reality – self cleaning sweaters are available from though how “clean” it gets is a matter of debate...


Portable microwaves

Is that a portable microwave you carrying around in your pocket or are you just pleased to see a Pot Noodle? Whipping out a mini microwave to heat up food and drink on the go - now wouldn’t that be fantastic?! However the only portable microwave out at the moment is a camping/caravanning version and the review on Amazon suggests it is somewhat underpowered...

For more not on the market yet products that we want, check out this link:

Posted by Paul Randall
12th February 2013