Your office chair is killing you!

Yes those are the words I clearly heard from a health and safety advisor who visited our office... I sat up in a hurry, she smiled and said "that'll get your attention!"

Turns out my office chair is probably not killing me though it gives me a dull ache in my left leg from cutting off the circulation in my thigh so who knows?

Not only that, my old office chair just didn't stay up so it turns into a daily battle to keep raising the thing - maybe that's because I am tipping the scales at 16 stone (that's 224 of our finest imperialistic pounds for our American cousins) - it's definitely not an office chair for XL heavy people!

So with that I turn to Paul Randall, a trusted contact over at office furniture specialists - Rainbow Zebra - and ask him for some serious advice. I need a chair that stays cool in the summer (my office is a bit of a sun trap) but looks smart for when visitors arrive at our workplace premises.

Paul says "give me 30 minutes" and he gets back with 3 solutions. We take the mid-range mesh office chair at a very reasonable price - 'coz Paul's a nice guy he gives us a little discount - heh thanks Paul, we won't tell anyone! ;)

The mesh office chair with chrome looks dead smart but its a special order so unfortunately we don't get next day delivery (but its free so we can't complain!).

A few days later the chairs turn up (we ordered 2) - the courier didn't fancy hauling them both up the stairs to our office so left them in downstairs reception. I cursed at the weight of them as I dragged them up to our floor but it did leave me with an impression that these mesh chairs would be of high quality with a good solid feel to them.

Dragged into my office I got to work setting them up - something I dreaded as I'm not particularly adept at using tools... but I took some shots along the way to show how I got on.

About to start - I open the box and find...

Office Chair Ready packed tidily and ready to be removed from Box

... certainly came packed well!

Removed from box and spread on floor

First thing I did was pull out all the component parts and cross-check them to make sure everything was included including the office chair instructions. I didn't need a screwdriver or spanner as a small Allen key was included to get me going (nice touch!)

Chrome Base - smart!

Lovely, stylish Merrell's, oops I meant to say a lovely chrome base (though I do love my Merrell X-trainers)


Small silicon pack to ensure the seat base doesn't get damp in the container its shipped in.

Nice touch, silicon pack to prevent office chair getting damp

Completed chrome base with gas cylinder for lifting the mesh chair's seat. Very smart. Castor wheels took seconds (simple plug and play job!) and the cylinder went into it's position without any issues.

Chair's chrome base complete with wheels and gas cylinder

Meaty unit controlling seat tilt and lever to raise the seat up and down.

Seat tilt and lever mechanism

Screwing the back of the chair to the seat base with the allen key provided.

Seat and Mechanism being joined together

Mesh chair arm-rest shot, care had to be taken as the screws required were of different lengths (not that clear on the instructions but I've never been good with diagrams so maybe it was just me).

Looking at the snow falling outside the office

Stopped to check out the snow - it didn't last for long so I got back to work!

Office chair almost complete

Final check of all bolts to make sure tight and secure - I'll be going over the mesh chair in a few days time when I am back in the office to make sure they've stayed that way.

Mesh Leather Office Chair built!

The completed office mesh chair with what looks like good ergonomic lumbar support

This office chair easily reclines (with its tilt lock), fits into small spaces (so its looking great behind my desk) and rolls smoothly and easily over the office carpet (so I don't struggle to get from my desk when the pub opens).


Overall I have to say I am really pleased with the quality of this mesh office chair and the speed of delivery took me by surprise, it turned up days earlier than I had expected (and a great level of customer service from Rainbow Zebra to ask if it was ok to ship to me earlier than expected).

This guest post was kindly written by Darren Moloney, head of All Things Web marketing specialists.

Posted by Paul Randall
21st February 2013