The Zebras Top Ten Harlem Shake Videos

Well we’ve filtered through the best and the worst and have listed below what we feel to be the top ten Harlem Shake videos you gotta check out!

If you’ve been living under a rock these past few weeks you might not have heard of the phenomenon of Harlem Shake meme videos (not to be confused with the Harlem Shuffle folks!) - so now's the time to find out!

Here’s the Zebra’s favourites:

The Harlem Shake v2


This one really cracks us up, what happened to the guy wearing the orange t-shirt, we’re not sure if he’s rocking the chair or gutbusting the wall – so far on Youtube its had 11,319,181 views with 46,485 thumbs up. Not bad for a few minutes of crazy dancing!


The Harlem Shake – the original and best?


The guy in the corner, holding the skateboard trying so hard to NOT crack up laughing makes this Harlem Shake video! Says it's the first but a few comments disputing this claim.

Right now it’s up to 21,549,144 views with over 93,000 thumbs up so it’s got some real fans out there!


Harlem Shake Office Edition


With 26,977,310 views this should come as no surprise that this was the first HS video we came across. Gotta love giraffe punching man and anyone else notice the guy falling off the bicycle at the end of the clip? Nice finish!


Harlem Shake CollegeHumor Edition


Hey who doesn’t love Angry Birds? This video makes good use of props without overdoing it – we love the guy on the edge just coolly sipping his drink whilst the chap on the table pulls off some very smooth dance moves....  :D

This video has been viewed 3,412,006 so obviously internet peeps like it!


Harlem Shake SourceFed edition


With “only” 1,639,389 views we were initially disappointed with the intro part of this video – but give it a few seconds and you’ll be pleasantly surprised – lots of comments about the girl with the dinosaur in the video, no comment from the Zebra but he did watch this Shake vid quite a few times ;)

More on SourceFed – a Youtube channel and news site here


Harlem Shake New York City guest featuring the New York Police Department


Respect where its due – how these folks got a flashmob in Times Square to get away with this is awesome. Shame the police look like they put a stop to it but you know there’s public safety to think about guys.... 3,383,777 views (you’d think it would have garnered more).


Harlem Shake – BuzzFeed version


1,030,814 views and disappointingly it didn't really float our boat – maybe we missed it but not much really was going on... perhaps less people and a little more creativity would have made this more of a contender?


 The Harlem Shake THB Edition (Chicago)


We’re big fans of console gaming here at Zebra HQ so we sure have got a soft spot for this one. Perhaps disturbingly the guy lying on the floor (in the yellow t-shirt) really looks like he needs urgent medical attention... 365,261 views is a tad low for this classic Harlem Shake video!


Harlem Shake Miners Video


With just 1,294,841 views and having made the news globally for the miners involved being sacked we’re gobsmacked that the viewing figures aren’t in the tens of millions for this Harlem Shake video.

These miners will definitely become legends, not sure we’ve seen anyone else breakdancing onto a cold, wet, stony surface – give these chaps the ultimate respect!


And our ultimate favourite:

Harlem Shake Firefighters


If ever we need rescuing from a fire we want these guys, just how cool can you get with a fireman, spiderman and well funky chicken doing the Harlem shake – with 6,811,445 views its hands down the best harlem shake video yet!


So which top ten Harlem Shake video is your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below!

This post has been written by Paul Randall - owner of Rainbow Zebra, fan of the Harlem Shake (!) and a young entrepreneur in the UK - to find out more about him call today on 0800 092 1985.

Posted by Paul Randall
12th March 2013