Introducing the all new festival chair!

Ok, so it's festival time of year and you've got everything set and ready to go. Ticket? Check. Sleeping bag? Check. Wellies? Check. Highly modified office chair that doubles up as a festival chair? Thought not.

Let us introduce to you the Rainbow Zebra limited edition festival ready office chair or RZ-LEFROC for short:

Festival-chair-poster (2)

As you can see it features all the necessary attachments that one might need at a festival including a high vis flag so your friends can always find you, an emergency floatation device for when the inevitable happens, the all important drinks holder and an extra long gas lift meaning that straining to see through the crowds is a thing of past - simply rise above them. 

Let us know what you think and we'll have the factories on stand by ready to meet the anticipated huge demand. Remember the name - RZ-LEFROC as this has a big future!

Posted by Paul Randall
26th June 2013