Unusual Office Chairs and their Owners

If you were thinking that office chairs were boring, then think again! These crazy folk in Germany race their office chairs every year. By the looks of it, they have little regard for personal safety.

Unusual uses of office chairs

Chair Racing

Image courtesy of Waste Time Post

Falling off offiice chair whilst taking a corner


Image from vmirepozitiva.ru

2 participants in an office chair race


So what about further afield? In China they demonstrate a real knack for stacking. I think this guy must have over 20 chairs strapped on his bike and incredible hamstrings!

Office chairs piled high on bicycle

And is this bonkers or just unusual?

Stop me and buy one!

Image courtesy of Design Boom

Is this a sign of a very stingy boss when two workers have to share an office chair or just a lack of adequate space planning?

Office workers having to share chair

Image from here.

Not exactly an adjustable office seat and probably not very comfy either…

Combined toilet and office seat

Image borrowed from Bored.com

And not all workers are situated within an office building…..

Outside Seating for Workers

Image from www.jokeroo.com

And this guy shows the ultimate lazy way to walk your dog:

Using your Dog to tow your chair

Image courtesy of Cafemom.com

And now we are talking about animals….only cats have ability to look this daft.

Chill Cat in office chair

Image from Temple of Cats

Some people love their office chair so much that they have it tattooed onto themselves as a permanent reminder of their favourite chair.

Crazy Chair Tattoo ?

Posted by Paul Randall
3rd July 2013