8 Tips on Coping with High Temperatures and the UK Heatwave whilst at work in the Office

With the existing UK heatwave likely to extend into next week the Zebra thought it time that he shared some tips on coping and working in the office during hot weather conditions we are currently experiencing in this very British heatwave during 2013.

Get into the Office Early

Early morning fog

If you can convince your Manager to allow you in before anyone else then get up extra early and get to your desk before the office heats up. Plan your workload and do the hardest tasks in the cool still of the morning, try to leave the easier less taxing jobs till the afternoon!

Keep Close to the Watering Hole

3 zebras

Its much easier to bring a large plastic bottle and fill that up from the water cooler than making constant trips back and forth for small cups of water. More efficient too.

Remember drink small amounts of water regularly to keep yourself topped up – you did realise dehydration can affect how your brain processes decision making.

Feel Free to stick with the Coffee and the (Diet) Cola


There seems to be a common myth that drinking coffee will quickly dehydrate you – most research seems to say this is a myth, here's just one example:


Still the Zebra does recommend avoiding caffeine based drinks after 4pm – its hard enough to get to sleep in this heat and adding caffeine into your system will only make it more difficult.

 Use Ice to Cool Off


Something that the Zebra learnt from the Rangers… take a large bowl, fill it full of ice cubes and position a desktop fan to blow over the top of the bowl – and eh voilà instant air conditioning!

Cool your Wrists

running faucet

Us Zebra’s don’t have wrists but we do like to pop our hooves into cold, fresh water to cool off.*

For humans one way is to run a tap (slowly) of cold water across the inside of both wrists – the cooling effect of the water will lower the blood in your arteries and help cool you down.

* to be really green, run the water across your wrists into a bowl and then use to water any office plants

PS Bet you didn't know that Kangaroo’s stay cool by licking their fore-arms?!!

Stay out of the Midday Sun


Its all very well topping up the tan during your lunch break but this is only going to raise your body temperature – so you’ll gain a healthy glow on the outside just remember not to get burnt!

Find a Cool, Well Ventilated and Shaded Part of the Office


During a UK heatwave you may find moving your desk to a cooler part of the office helps you get more done. Ty to remember the draughty areas of your office that you noticed in the winter – this will help you locate a suitable position for your office desk to work in relative comfort!

Check that your Team mates are also coping in the heatwave

Zebras and Wildebeest

After the euphoric feeling of the first few days of summer being upon us we generally get back to normality. This is where the heat can cause additional stress between staff members so make sure you keep an eye on any staff that do appear to be struggling or getting more easily upset or frustrated with others. Ignore any gung-ho comments on how the sun worshippers can cope and even strenuously exercise during a heatwave, remember its not a competition!

Why not share your tips on coping with the UK heatwave below – we’d love to hear them!

Posted by Paul Randall
19th July 2013