Star Wars Villains with Bad Management Behaviour Styles and Traits

Bad Management Behaviour: Does Your Manager exhibit similar traits to these Star Wars Villains?

Here at Rainbow Zebra we love a bit of escapism after a long day out on the plains. ;)

When we get the chance we sit back and watch the classic Star Wars movies and it got us thinking - what classic bad management behaviours could we spot? Why not take a seat and read on!


Bossk - character from Star Wars

Reptilian, untrustworthy, couldn’t even work with Boba Fett to track down Han Solo. Capable of double crossing to achieve what he wants. Seemingly gets lucky at the last minute especially on any "special" project that appears doomed to failure.


Ponda Baba, Smuggler

Ponda Baba - Smuggler in the bar in Star Wars

A smuggler and a thug, Baba attempts to attack Luke Skywalker in the Cantina bar on Tatooine. His refusal to back down and use of intense aggression in a bid to intimidate the young boy results in him losing an arm to Obi-Wan Kenobi’s light saber.

With a penchant for an afternoon drink, if this guy’s your manager you’d not want to consider asking him for a pay rise after a lunchtime bevy!


Commander Jerjerrod

Commander Jerjerrod from Return of the Jedi

Unable to stick to the schedule and complete the Death Star on time, Lord Vader is sent to advise him that the Emperor is displeased with lack of progress. Advises Vader he will redouble efforts, likely too little too late, if he had done so earlier the Ewoks would have been toast (literally).


Admiral Conan Antonio Motti

Smug bad manager from Star Wars

This Admiral, was Grand Moff Tarkin’s second in command. A nasty arrogant piece of work with a heavy dose of overconfidence in his own abilities, he at least stands up to Vader, calling the Force a “sad devotion to an ancient religion”.


Bib Fortuna

Bib Fortuna, Jabba's second-in-command

Jabba the Hutt’s second lieutenant, Bib Fortuna, he is slapped by the criminal lord for allowing Luke Skywalker to play a Jedi mind trick on him to gain access into Jabba’s palace.

Has a temper, rumoured to have executed his own mother as she'd chastised him for the path he had chosen. Quite happy to sell others down the road into slavery (including members of his own society) to ensure he made a profit.

Would very likely sell you and your team out to take the lions share of the company bonus!


Grand Moff Tarkin

Grand Moff Tarkin, Bad General from Star Wars

A dictator in charge of the Death Star, Grand Moff Tarkin promises Princess Leia a lifeline if she provides the information on where the Rebel Base is in Star Wars 4 – a New Hope. Once he has the details he rescinds his offer and blows up her planet of Alderaan anyway. A control freak with an eye for the minutiae this is one manager you won’t want to spend much time around!


Battle Droids

Robot Battle Droids

Remote controlled droids, owned and operated by the Trade Federation that are incapable of thinking for themselves, they carry out orders to the letter without any initiative. They’d make poor management leaders due to their incompetence though appear intimidating especially when teamed up with a larger number of droids.


Tusken Raiders

Tusken Raider from Star Wars

Not one to easily make friends and happy to scavenge your lunch, if you’ve got a Tusken Raider equivalent as a manager you might just find life’s not too easy. Easily overexcited, they’re sore losers if they aren’t on the winning team.


Jabba the Hut

Star Wars Legendary Villain Jabba the Hut

If you’ve got a boss like Jabba the Hutt, you’d better keep your wits about you! Known for throwing trusted employees into the Rancor pit to watch their miserable end, don’t turn your back for a second or they’ll very likely throw you to the wolves to save their own skin. Pretty slovenly appearance and a somewhat sexist attitude!


Count Dooko

Count Dooku - can you trust this ex-Jedi?

Once a “good” manager, Dooko turned to the dark side to increase his “managerial” power and took on Darth Sidious in a bid to rule the Galaxy. Seemingly spent a lot of time stirring up trouble and running away when the environment got too hot to handle.


Darth Maul

Darth Maul - terrifying Manager

A dynamic manager with a terrifying focus on obtaining complete and utter victory over any competitor (or fellow manager) at any cost. Darth Maul is the type to take on any challenge, but his level of arrogance is what finally defeats him.

Highly loyal to the bosses but completely unable to see the bigger picture... big on self improvement but if someone shows exceptional talent and an appropriate level of arrgonace themselves he’s willing to take them on for training.

Cunning and ruthless, when its time for a feedback review you’d better hope he’s not the one carrying it out!


Darth Vader

The Daddy of Bad Managers - Darth Vader

Bright, intelligent, cares for others, just what you want from a manager. Then they have a bad day (ok let’s be honest, they have a really BAD day) and you don’t want to be around. Trust me. With force chokes, torture skills and the ultimate powers of the dark side this is one manager you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of!


Darth Sidious / Emperor Palpatine

Darth Sidios aka Emperor Palpatine - the ultimate villain boss!

A master Star Wars villain, Darth Sidious (known as Senator Palpatine and later on Emperor Palpatine) is capable of the greatest treachery. Feigning injury, Darth Sidious is a misanthropic (dislikes people) sociopath (charismatic “nut job” incapable of feeling shame, guilt or remorse).

As the top boss in Star Wars this is a character worth avoiding in the office, having perfected getting their own way and setting up others into conflict, they are well positioned to have staff pick sides.


Have we missed anyone? If we’ve missed out a villain from Star Wars that you think would have bad management traits in your office why not let us know in the comments section below!  :)

This post has been written by Paul Randall - owner of Rainbow Zebra, fan of every Star Wars movie and a young entrepreneur in the UK - to find out more about him call today on 0800 092 1985.

Posted by Paul Randall
26th November 2013