Interview with Sarah Cooper from the Cooper Review

Interview with Sarah Cooper from the Cooper Review

Here at Rainbow Zebra we spend time looking for great websites that really resonate with us, and every now and again we find something that just really stands out above the rest.

One such website we discovered is, very aptly titled:


In seconds we were hooked, so much so we contacted the creator of the site, Sarah Cooper, as we wanted to show off what she has created, it really is that good!


Before we get to the interview part, here's Rainbow Zebra's personal Top 7 posts from Sarah's site:









Sarah kindly responded to our questions and we've posted below for you to find out what drives her and what plans she has for the future.


Sarah, where does the inspiration for your website come from?

I started the blog after my post "10 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings" went viral on After that I realized writing about my life in the corporate world really struck a chord with people, so I just started posting more about that experience. Now that I'm not in corporate America anymore, I find inspiration from life, my friends, my husband and anywhere I can find it. I really like posting things that people can related to, and usually that's something I've experienced in my life first hand.

What was the best work meeting you ever attended and why?

I worked with a Director at Google whose meetings were always very productive. I remember one meeting where we asked for feedback on our presentation and I remember him being very silent for most of the meeting but then giving us a lot of great ideas at the end. I think the best leaders are incredibly good and listening and helping you be the best you can be, and I learned a lot about leadership from him.

What kind of feedback do you get from people about your posts, do they realise your site is satire?

When I first started posting, a lot of people took my posts seriously but that happens less now that people are getting more familiar with both my site and satire on the Internet in general. I get a lot of feedback about how the things I post make people want to laugh but also want to cry, so I guess that's...something? Haha.

Excluding your blog, what’s your most favourite thing to do in the world?

I love naps.

What was the best bit about working at Google?

I loved the people at Google. They are still the funniest, smartest people I've ever worked with. Yes, even funnier than me! And one of them even became my husband!

What would you recommend to someone just starting out in the corporate/office based working world?

Accept that you don't know everything. Even if someone is telling you something you think you already know, try to take something from it. You'll be surprised at how even hearing the same thing over and over again you can hear something new or learn something you didn't know before. Sometimes it takes hearing something several times before you can have a breakthrough on it.

What are your plans for the future, do you have plans to release more books?

Yes! I am releasing a book next year geared toward women in the workplace. I am also writing a musical about the Silicon Valley tech scene that'll be performed in San Francisco in October. After that I'd love to write a TV pilot!


We can't wait to see how the TV pilot goes, do keep us posted and keep the content coming, it really makes our day!

Posted by Paul Randall
18th August 2017