Our Rainbow Photo of the Year 2013

We love photos of rainbows and zebras - and we're delighted to have been emailed by regular blog reader, Darren Moloney, a snap of a double rainbow that he grabbed recently near Elberton, South Gloucestershire.

In recognition of such a great shot, Darren's bagged himself a free Rainbow Zebra cuddly toy!

We'd love to know what you think of this Rainbow photo and feel free to email us with your Rainbow (or Zebra) photos, the best will make it onto our blog throughout 2014 and in return win a super Rainbow Zebra prize!

(Double) Rainbow Photo - rainbow

Rainbow Photo of the Year 2013 - awarded by Rainbow Zebra!

Its certainly got that modern Xmas feel with the rainbow touching the barn, don't you think? Ok, we know, there's no snow ;)

Posted by Paul Randall
23rd December 2013