New Year! New You? New Chair!

So we’ve all had a great Christmas in 2013 and New Year’s Eve seems a distant – dare we say it blurry?? – memory. Now we’re all back in our chairs at work and hopefully at least looking like we're raring to go!

Raring to go at work for 2014

Image courtesy of Mark Dumont

So if that’s you sat here reading this then the Rainbow Zebra wishes you the best for 2014!

What the Zebra doesn’t wish for is you to be sat in your uncomfortable office chair for yet another year and with that in mind he’s kindly listed below the top office chairs sold by our team during 2013.

Go on, take a moment – there’s plenty of chairs for the office for you to check out and - as it is the New Year - your boss should be in a good enough mood to let you splash out and have one. In some cases these work chairs are such great value you won’t even need to convince your bosses at the office to splash the cash!


24 Hour Orthopaedic Chair Sale

If you are spend long periods of time in your seat whilst at work and its giving you cramp, sore legs, pins and needles in your feet or even exacerbating a painful, bad back then the Zebra really, really suggests buying this orthopaedic office chair with inbuilt back support.

And as its January and we’re still on an all natural high from the end of the year we can offer at a New Year sale price of £155£150NOW ONLY £135 plus VAT with FREE Delivery

If your boss says "it’s too pricey" then why not tell him in the long run a chair that's more comfortable will make you far MORE efficient making the company more money – no argument then really is there?

Orthopaedic Chair for the Office

To purchase for just £135 plus VAT use the following Discount Code: VISTANOW


Check out the detailed video we created for this orthopaedic office chair here:


The BOSS Chair for 2014!

So this is the year you’re gonna make it, you’re gonna get promoted and be the boss.

Yes! Go for it!

But in the meantime you can look and act the part with this leather office chair - that with devilishly stylish armrests will make YOU look the business (and tell everyone else at work you’re definitely going places in 2014 - so best stay on your good side!)

Leather Manager Chair for 2014

To buy this Canasta Leather Manager Chair for £52 plus VAT use the discount code:CANASTA52


Great Value Chairs for conferences, surgeries and reception area’s

Another one of the R-Zebra’s top sellers in 2013 was the classic Conference chair – it sold by the bucket load!

Chair for Receptions, Surgeries and Conference Centres


Well for just £20 plus VAT per chair including FREE delivery our savvy customers realised these chairs aren’t just exclusively for use in conference centres.  We had orders from all over the UK for use in doctors surgeries, school staffrooms and reception areas – feedback we received said that for the price the comfort was phenomenal!


Not just a Computer Chair, oh no, it’s a Deluxe, ultra comfy Computer Chair that your back, legs (and bottom) will love you for!

Swivel. Really, you really can go swivel! ;)

On this Computer Operator chair you’ll be able to swivel all day long – well, until everyone looks at you oddly and you’ll have to get back to your work. :D

We also created a video too showing the detail of this chair for computer operators – worth checking out:

Computer Operator Chairs for Sale from Rainbow Zebra

To buy this Computer Operator's Chair for only £60 plus VAT use the discount code:CONCEPTDELUXE60


Stylish, Stunning Leather Chairs for Executives who like to kick back...

... and at the same time negotiate those juicy BIG sales!

You raring to go in 2014?

Image courtesy of Mark Dumont

So this executive's leather chair was designed entirely for company and corporate go-getters, comfortable wheeling and dealing whilst adopting a relaxed, confident posture.

We shipped a HUGE number of these executive leathers chairs last year – obviously shows our clients are out to WIN in business just like you!

Check it out here:

Keno High Back Leather Office Chairs

To buy for only £77 plus VAT and FREE Delivery use the Code: KENO77


We said Meshy Chair, not Messy Chair ;)

The Rainbow Zebra’s favourite chair at the price – for just £95 plus VAT (that’s a whopping discount off the RRP) you get a stylish mesh office chair so good your co-workers are going to want take turns sitting in it.

Heh, it could even be a little money earner as you can charge them (for charity of course) each time they want to take it for a test drive around the office.  Buy a few of these mesh chairs for your office and have some races*

*Rainbow Zebra says: Consult your Health and Safety expert for the best cornering tips ;)

Remember, mesh comes as standard in these chairs to help keep you cool when the temperature goes up!

Mesh Office Chairs for sale

The Kempes Mesh Office Chair for just £95? You bet - use the Discount Code:KEMPES95

But fear not if your budget (or the boss’ budget) won’t stretch that far we’ve got one for just £50 (that's like totally awesome value we hear you cry!):

Cheap Mesh Chair for the office

A LOCO Mesh Chair for £45 plus VAT - DISCOUNT CODE:LOCOMESH45

Huh? Chairs for Cheetahs????

Cheetahs just love sitting in our Cheetah Chairs!*

Cheetah Office Chair in Fabric

*LOL they don’t really but here’s a photo of 2 really cute Cheetahs relaxing – all together now (it is panto season after all) ....awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.....

These are two cute cheetahs

Image courtesy of Brian McKay

Seriously though, you'll want to check out a Cheetah Chair for your office!


If chairs aren't your bag this soon into 2014 then how about about a shiny new Loco rectangular office table? With a nice, super smooth and clean surface and superior wobble-free performance -  ;)  -  you'll have more room to put even more workstuff on it.

Rectangular Office Desks

And if you still don't have enough room to spread out with a R-Zebra table you could always top it off nicely with a Loco mobile office pedestal, complete with a choice of 2 or 3 drawers and a lock and key (to keep your New Year secret stash of crisps and chocolate safe) - check it out here:

Loco Mobile Pedestals Online at Rainbow Zebra


Well we say go grab yourself a new office chair for this year - it'll be the best buy you'll make the whole year (so says the Rainbow Zebra!)

Posted by Paul Randall
6th January 2014