What to do when you’re seriously bored at Work?


Are you bored at work?

There is nothing worse than finding yourself bored at work – it’s possibly a common #firstworldproblem (see Twitter) especially in dull jobs that do not require lots of concentration or offer very few challenges.

If you happen to have a job like this then your worklife can quickly become tedious and it is all too easy to get fed up, uninterested and demotivated.

This is something that can be quite quickly noted by your co-workers.

But let’s face it you will very likely spend an average of 5 days out of every 7 working, so what things can you do when you find yourself bored at work?

  • In life there are followers and leaders. Become (or at least start to act like) a leader, that can give you access to more challenges and reduce boredom.Take the initiative.
  • Propose something – researching and taking ownership over a project is usually a great idea! We recommend pitching a written proposal to your boss – just saying it verbally may show you’re not serious.
  • Ask your line manager or boss for more interesting work
  • Look for challenges in the business that you can help solve
  • Download Free eBooks and copy and paste them into word documents so they looked formal and work related – then rewrite them so you can learn! As you learn this will help stimulate your interest in the company and help you acquire or improve skills to set you new challenges in your life
  • Take the initiative – very easy for us to say and hard to do when you are disentranced, disinterested and demotivated but stay FOCUSED
  • Find someone else in your office who is very busy and offer to help them
  • Look for ways to improve processes around the office, suggest ways to fix them, offer to take control and push the improvements through
  • Don’t look bored, look busy and people will think you are super-efficient and be more willing for you to help them If you look bored its likely your co-workers will not want to share their tasks with you which can lead to further isolation in the office – so chin up and smile please!
  • Also co-workers are not keen on sharing work with someone who claims they're bored – they expect there might be too many sloppy spelling mistakes or inaccurate data
  • If you find yourself in an admin role then improving these tasks below can make your work life more interesting: filing, petty cash, expenses, travel arrangements – all of these need a good system to manage, can you look for ways to make the process of completing them more efficient?
  • If you have got time on your hands then look for ways to self-develop to help find and carry out more interesting tasks
  • Why not research new target markets, set up a company blog (if not then think of content for the company blog, most small firms struggle with this), help set up email marketing and new email lists, suggest improvements to your employers website, do the social media,
  • In your free time gen up on marketing, analytics and business to improve your skills
  • Learning to then further help your company can be an exciting challenge so quit languishing!
  • Set yourself a new small goal to reach every day and go home each evening feeling like you have contributed something to the team
  • Find jobs that need doing rather than just waiting for someone to ask you
  • Ask to shadow another member of staff – you’ll gain a wider understanding of your company, be better able to cover their role when they are off sick or on holiday
  • Design a calendar that records charity days like Comic Relief or BBC Children in Need and be part of the process of helping raise funds from your co-workers
  • Email your co-workers with a mini CV about yourself to show off your skills (they might not know you have and this helps them learn you can help)
  • Don’t lose heart, it is highly fatiguing when you have to fit 1 or 2 hours of work into an 8 hour day!
  • Ultimately if you’re really bored and fed-up then you may want to consider a career change


Taking these steps can lead to a more exciting, interesting worklife, leaving you energized rather than feeling lethargic and indifferent to your work – go on, make the effort and let us know how you get on combatting boredom in the office!

Image courtesy of Thinh H

Posted by Paul Randall
27th March 2014