15 Things you should do when you have a Power Cut in your Business

15 Things you should do when you have a Power Cut in your Business

By Inge Dowden

Nowadays we are so reliant on power for our business, that we don’t know what to do with ourselves when we have a power cut. Yet they do happen, and when they do, we simply don’t know what to do with ourselves. We may do some filing or send people home early, but that’s not the best use of our time.

I want to share with you 15 useful things you and your team can do that will actually help you grow your business and make it better.

Declutter Desks and Offices
Decluttering is good for the mind, and you never know what you might find in the process!

Do Staff Training
Go through the latest Health and Safety updates, brief everyone on the new products you’re bringing out, or do some sales training.

Brainstorm New Product Ideas
Get some pen and paper, get everyone together, and see what new product ideas you can come up with.

Create Customer Avatars
It is essential that you know exactly who your ideal customer is, so spend some time on creating a few client avatars. Find out as much as you can about them (age, gender, where they live, what they want, what their pain is, where they go, what they listen to, what social networks they are on, etc.) and give each one a name.

Write Blogs
Yes, this can be done on paper! I know, revolutionary. Or if you don’t want to write the whole blog, you can come up with blog ideas and jot those down for later.

Team Bonding
Go to the pub (sounds like a great idea... Ed) and have a good time together, just don't encourage drunken behaviour!. Having some downtime allows people to find out more about their colleagues’ personal lives and this can help to improve team performance over time.

Call Customers
You will probably still have a mobile phone you can use, so why not call some customers? If you have a cloud based CRM system available via mobile you can still get their contact details, or maybe you have some business cards lying around that you haven’t processed yet? Make some calls and see what happens.

Go to a Local Business Networking event
You can go business networking every single day of the year, at various times of the day, so there’s bound to be somewhere you can go. You can always use your smart phone, via 4G to find one, and you might just end up with some new useful business contacts.

Update your Business Plan
Even if your business plan is on the computer, you should be able to write it down on paper. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but spending some time thinking about your business and where you want it to go is always useful.

Do Vision Boards with the Team
A vision board is where you find out what everyone’s personal goals are in various areas of their life (personal, work, health, money, career, social life, etc.). Once everyone has done their personal one, you can do one for the business. Make sure your business goals align with their personal goals, as then you’ll have a super motivated team of people working towards a common goal.

Read a Business Book
As a business owner you need to keep learning, and reading a good business book is a great way to learn. You’ll probably have some lying around that you never got round to reading, so now’s the time to start them.

Write Video Scripts
Having video on your website and in your marketing campaigns is essential nowadays, so spend some time mapping out ideas for videos and writing some scripts. This will make the video production so much quicker and easier.

Create Email Marketing/Newsletter Campaigns
Depending on how much time you have you can either write down some topics for email newsletters, nurture campaigns or sales campaigns, or you can even write all of the emails (yes, on paper – it does still work).

Create a Direct Marketing Bampaign
Sending people stuff in the post is gaining back momentum, so why not take this downtime to think of an innovative Direct Marketing campaign, either to existing customers (maybe to introduce those new products you’ve just thought of) or for new prospects.

Refine Business Processes
Written down processes for your sales, customer service and production are essential, yet all too often they are just ‘organic’, which means that if someone new started in the business today, they wouldn’t know how to do things. What happens in your sales process, from lead generation to sales conversion? How do you want your staff to respond to customer complaints? How are things packaged and despatched? Look at every aspect of your business and write down how it works.

So there you have it, 15 things you can do when you have no electricity. Print this list and hang it up somewhere, so you have it handy in case of a power cut. And who knows, you might find it so useful, that you might just decide to have an ‘off-the-grid’ day on a regular basis.

Inge Dowden, Bristol Business Coach, Happy Business Club
Inge Dowden is a business coach, specialising in helping small business owners create a business that gives them the lifestyle and the money that they want. She runs The Happy Business Club in Bristol and works with clients on a one-to-one basis.

Find out more about Inge here:

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Posted by Paul Randall
31st August 2017